Economic Community of West African States

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  • Internationalisation Theory In Nigeria

    The open economic policies adopted in Nigeria in the early 2000,s is seen is regarded as that created an opportunity for the Nigerian firms to emerge as large domestic firms to embarked and become a regional players. Also, firm’s technology, communication service have also emerged to support the growing economy and firms. This this also strengthened the firms’ abilities to expand their operations beyond Nigeria especially in Africa in the financial, service, telecommunication and entertainment, retail sector(AFDB, 2013; Barbara, Eric, & Collen, 2015). Drawing of internationalisation theory and OLI theory the purpose of this study is to examine the internalisation process of emerging SSA firms from Nigeria, being the largest economy in Africa.This study focus is on the motivation and path of Nigerian firm’s internationalisation of the businesses beyond the national borders. A case study design is adopted to the study empirically four Nigerian firms from different sector of the economy. The next section discuss the theoretical positioning of this study followed by review of relevant literature pertaining motivation and location path of EM, then followed by the research methodology, analysis, findings and…

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  • Pre Colonial Africa

    adapted as the centuries passed. Despite this variety, it is possible to divide political organisation amongst these communities into two broad categories states and stateless societies. Low population densities and the production of relatively small economic surpluses, hindered the formation of states in many parts of pre colonial Africa. This was particular the case in the central and southern regions of the continent. These stateless societies however did not lack political…

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  • The Ebola Crisis

    order to prevent diseases like the West African Ebola Epidemic. The Ebola crisis originated in West Africa and spread through the region destroying communities and killing thousands. The Ebola scare expanded far past the borders in Africa to affect individuals across the world. Though there were not many infections in areas outside of Africa, Ebola was a world health crisis. There is no doubt that this disease was, and is, a disease worthy of being feared, but what was the lesson learned from it…

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  • Social Issues In New Slaves By Kanye West

    rappers discuss. However, there are few rappers who dare comment on social issues, two being Kendrick Lamar and Kanye West. Lamar and West write music about important social topics such as racial injustice and racism in America, whereas other rappers are ignoring these issues. Lamar’s most recent song, “The Blacker The Berry,” talks about the institutionalized hardships black people are still facing, such as economic inequity and harmful social perceptions,…

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  • Cote D Ivoire Research Paper

    The République de Côte de Ivoire, also known as the Ivory Coast, is a country in West Africa bordering Mali and Burkina Faso to the north, Liberia and Guinea to the west, Ghana to the east, and Gulf of Guinea to the south. The country surface area measurements equal to a total of 322,462 sq km (124,503 sq miles,) and is known to be the home for about 20.6 million people. The population includes more than 60 different ethnic groups with a wide range of religion. Islam being the most predominantly…

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  • First To See Daylight Summary

    Our readings “I Was One of the First to See Daylight”: Black Women at Predominantly White Colleges and Universities in Florida since 1959 and Rape and the inner lives of Black women in the Middle West: Preliminary thoughts on the culture of dissemblance when are given major insight on African American women. These two articles represent to topics that continuously create barriers between African American women and success: education and society’s misconception of their sexuality. We will be…

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  • Things Fall Apart: Legitimate Trade

    trade. It was established in the late 1800s and it incorporated products like ivory, coffee, and rubber. The significance of legitimate trade was it decreased the amount of violence occurring in-between states, spread wealth to people other than rulers, and it transformed the public opinion of African men to actual men and not just items. 2. Fante Confederation was a union formed in 1868 and proposed John Africanus Horton as its leader. It was one of the first actions advocating the self-rule of…

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  • Reconstruction Vs Progressive Era

    Progressive Eras, African Americans were widely discriminated against and oppressed in both the South and the North. During the Reconstruction Era, African Americans were finally granted the constitutional right to be free, slavery and indentured servitude became outlawed, and African American men gained the right to vote. This new freedom, however, came at a price of overt racism and violence. Mainly in the South, African Americans were faced with new laws that made it almost impossible to…

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  • What Are The Consequences Of Westward Expansion

    TEXAS’S ECONOMIC, SOCIAL AND POLITICAL CPONTIRBUTION TOTHE SOUTHERN STATES Introduction The conquest of Western America shapes the present as thoroughly as it tested the ideals of the United States. The significance of Western history for the American nation cannot be understated. The American West was a meeting ground of different cultures consisting of the American Indians, Anglo Americans, African Americans and Asian Americans. All these contributed immensely to the history of the West given…

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  • Langston Hughes Vs Cornel West Essay

    than trash even not human. Many people think that racism doesn’t exist because we have so many different races doing complex things and other high paying jobs. People now have thrown racism under the rug but racism is still a big ‘problem’, Racism has become a complex subject so you can’t consider it just a ‘problem’. Cornel West remains an African American scholar, who beforehand worked at Harvard University, at the present he works at Princeton in place of a instructor. West states at the…

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