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Take it down, the berlin Wall speech

Hello I am Mary Green and that may not mean anything to you but I was there when the Berlin wall came down 4 months ago. The Berlin wall caused many people to be in pain and caused multiple conflicts between many people and even other countries.

In the 1945, Germany was split into these four parts; the soviet Union, England, US, and France. The four parts decided to split the city berlin into two parts, east and west berlin. Soviets claimed the east half of Berlin while England, US, and France got west Berlin. Who knows what they were thinking because splitting up Berlin caused many conflicts between the east and west. The fights between the east and west eventually led up to the “Berlin Wall.’ They thought this was a good idea too but the Berlin wall caused many problems for both sides of Berlin.

At first the Soviets completely controlled all of Berlin. Then the other allies got jealous and wanted a part of berlin too. The Soviet Union agreed to split the city into east and west in 1945.

Story Grandfather would always tell stories about living under the Soviets’ communist system and about when the Berlin wall was put up. He Would tell my siblings and I about how awful living in Berlin was before we were born. One story bothered me a lot because it could relate to
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Many citizens, including myself, climbed on top of the wall and started spray painting graffiti on it. Some soldiers got sledge hammers and started breaking down parts of the wall. When east citizens passed the wall they found west citizens waiting to greet them. When I passed the wall I was reunited with my best friend who escaped before the wall closed. Many of the west and east citizens partied and celebrated the success of bringing down the wall long into the

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