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  • The Use Of Personality In Persepolis By Marjane Satrapi

    Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi is a graphic novel and autobiography that encompasses Marjane Satrapi’s life as a child in Iran’s Islamic Revolution. Satrapi writes a beautiful story but her use of graphic imagery really allows readers to connect and understand to her personal and mental growth. Throughout the story, Satrapi goes through a great change in personality which is fueled by her residence in revolutionary Iran. Her personality matures and is greatly affected by the repression and the pain she experiences when living there. Specific events are highlighted by Satrapi to draw out the distinct personality traits she grows. Her living in a very liberal family and being well educated in the midst of a revolution had developed her bluntness. Satrapi exhibits these changes using facial expressions. Her involvement in the revolutions display her rebelliousness. She uses action to action panels to highlight this trait. As Satrapi grows, her extra ordinary perseverance does as well as she continually runs from the police and extremists. To indicate this, Satrapi makes use of speech bubbles and speech. Satrapi effectively uses these graphical elements to express the maturity and growth of herself throughout the course of the novel which give us a greater understanding of what she felt in those situations. For this reason, one can confidently say that repressive society creates unique character traits. The idea that Satrapi is a blunt individual by nature is logical. She lives…

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  • Alexie Sherman The Joy Of Reading Comic Book

    Comic books have been around for a long time. They are very popular among both kids and adults. However, there is a stigma concerning comic books. Many parents and educators dislike this form of reading. Many people don’t want their children reading comic books because of many reasons. For example, parents don’t want their kids to be exposed to violence in comic books. This is not a valid excuse to not let kids read comic books because just like movies and novels, parents have to decide whether…

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  • Essay On Graphic Narratives

    In the world of comic books, graphic novels and manga, I have acquired my love for these types of reading for entertainment, but learning from the course of Reading Graphic Narratives, I learned to not only value the text or only the drawings when reading these types of texts, but to instead value both text and drawings to compile the meaning of the whole story. Another meaningful detail I learned in this course was, video games and graphic novels both share the elements of text and visual art.…

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  • Zap Comix Case Study

    Created in 1968 and running until 2016, Zap Comix was a ground-breaking and defying comic book that defied convention and societal law (Comic Code) it became a model for the Comix movement. A comic that has evolved with the ages taking a progressive and often regressive stance on ‘hot topics’ of the time. In Zap Comix Issue 1 Crumb describes himself as a ‘raving lunatic’ through the use of self-caricatures in this case; Flakey Foont and Mr. Natural. Showing from the get-go Crumb wasn’t one to…

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  • Comic Books In High Schools

    citizens of the United States are firm believers on children becoming the future leaders of the nation. With this ideality in our society, a well-established education is a key factor to help the children. Comic books will lead them onto the path of success. Incidentally, comic books are often perceived only as a form of entertainment, rarely is it seem as an educational book. As we advance as a nation, more and more educators start to divulge into graphic novels and begin to see the educational…

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  • Compare And Contrast Graphic Novels And Manga

    Comics, graphic novels and manga can tie generations together, can start a trend or a give a group of friends a place just to hang out. And the store that houses them can make a difference. Going into a mainstream store as opposed to a smaller-in the hole-comics/graphic novel store is a bit different. For instance, you really have to dig deep within the comic locator or friends of friends to find these small-tucked in the corner of nowhere-places. The mainstream bookstore that I went to was…

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  • Symbolism In Bhimayana

    Another unconventional feature that the Gond art has introduced in Bhimayana is the use of distinctly shaped speech and thought bubbles. David Carrier, in his book The Aesthetics of Comics, says that the sequence of images in a comic strip or graphic novel constitutes a narrative which brings this medium closer to that of mainstream literature. The author asserts that, to analyze the narrative, the reader’s awareness about the ‘speech balloons’ is important. In Bhimayana, we find two types of…

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  • Anticipatory Worksheet

    knowledge) = Inference. Explain that today we will be looking at comic strips. Ask, “Who here has seen or read a comic strip?” Ensure every child’s hand is raised, if not, proceed…

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  • Similarities Between Crumb And Harvey Pekar

    The question is do you think that it is important Robert Crumb and Harvey Pekar were part of the underground comic scene and for years no one knew of the two of them. For me personally I think they were very important because now they're getting a lot of attention for their works. If that doesn't make someone believe that there important then I don't know what can . For their styles are similar they oddly complement one another and honestly they make a good team depending on how you think about…

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  • Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic Analysis

    relationship with her father and no support from her mother, are responsible for shaping an adolescence life, depriving them form self-love, and forcing them to adapt and to create a fake family, have no self-love, and unhealthy relationships. Comic books are usually found to be “funny” and usually read by comedians, which can cause confusion and readers usually like to steer clear of such comic books for the most part. However, Bechdel highlights the maturity, non-comedic content, as well as…

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