Break Of The Berlin Wall Essay

The headline reported by Childs (1989) screamed that the Berliners were celebrating the fall of the Berlin wall. This was after a period of three decades where the West was kept apart from the East Berliners. The communists’ rulers/leaders in the East Germany authorized the gates along the wall to be opened. Huge amount of individuals had converged at the walls crossing point before the permission was granted. People from the East Germany shouted and cheered while surging towards the wall as those from West met them with jubilations. On this particular day he crowed was so ecstatic and began climbing the wall while other hacked chunked the 45 kilometer barrier. The order to erect the barrier in 1961 was from Walter Ulbritcht who was the former …show more content…
Once the announcement had been disseminated through the TV and radio, the East Germans were tentatively trickled and after a while jubilant crowds began gathering along the wall. Some had flags-waving while others cheered. These scenes were similar to all the borders that differentiated the East Germany form the West Germany. These celebrations took place throughout the entire morning and extended in the morning Most of people from East Germany had actually to return home that night. Moreover, the Mayor of West Berlin back then toured the border aging the East Germany people to return home. On the other hand, radio from the East Germany made announcement that the uncontrolled movement or crossing was to end the following day at exactly 8 A.M after which the was to be based on individuals obtaining visa to be granted the permission to cross over to West Germany. Schemann (1989) reported that the breach was a culmination of the endless of pressure of not only flights that would not stop but also demonstrations. The wall had turned into a symbol of Stalin oppressive regime, as well as the division of Germany and Europe into camps that were hostile towards one another due to cold war after the Second World

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