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  • Songs Of The Soul By San Juan De La Cruz Analysis

    booming, politics and economy was in decline. Since the rule of Philip II, Spain was going through an economic crisis, because the money was invested in wars and construction of churches. One of the writers who excel in these times is San Juan de la Cruz (1542-1591), who was a Spanish a mystic poet, catholic priest, and writer of the famous poem “Songs of the Soul”. In this poem, De la Cruz speaks of a lover escapes from her house in order to meet with her beloved. At first…

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  • Deception, Revenge, And Alllying Themes In William Shakespeare's Hamlet

    themes of deception, revenge, and betrayal through the characters and scenarios of the 1601 play. Under the New Historicism literary criticism, Shakespeare is concluded to have been connected to the Catholic resistance and, under this conclusion, the religious aspects of Shakespeare’s knowledge of the Catholic beliefs is evident throughout the play. An interesting aspect that can be drawn from Hamlet is the idea that the apocalyptic fall of the world will lead to the salvation of all…

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  • Catholicism And Ojibwe Culture In Louise Erdrich's Love Medicine

    Louise Erdrich’s novel, Love Medicine is a fusion of Catholicism and Ojibwe beliefs. Both played a central role in the life of the author. The status of Catholicism is apparent, nevertheless, she possesses first-hand knowledge of Ojibwe culture as a recognized member of the tribe. As a product of an interracial partnership, Erdrich embraces and respects both cultures, accordingly, this can also be said about many of the main characters. Having done some research on the author’s background, I…

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  • Essay On Vatican City

    Catholicism; the Roman Catholic religion. Vatican’s population is about 800 people, but 451 have Vatican citizenship, while the rest have permission to reside there, either temporarily or permanently, without the benefit of citizenship. Also, Vatican’s population and labor force consists mainly of Catholic priests, nuns, guards and dignitaries but about 3,000 other workers enter the area each day. Its government type is considered ecclesiastical and its chief of state is the Catholic Pope,…

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  • Scientific Revolution And The Protestant Reformation

    between the Latin Catholic church and the Lutheran church and their followers. The two had different views in their theology. This happened during a time period in the early 16th century which lasted until the end of the 18th century. The Latin Catholics controlled the people choices including religious and political views. The Latin Catholics engaged in plenty wrong doing from gambling, breaking the rules of celibacy and being absent from the community. The majority of Catholics were ready for…

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  • Essay On Medieval Christmas

    Medieval Christmas (Intro) Most holidays during the medieval period were determined by the Church including Christmas. Christmas in medieval England was very different to modern day Christmas. It was the church that ensured that it was celebrated as s true religious holiday instead of just being a simple feast for peasants to enjoy themselves. Medieval Christmas History There was no established imperial religion until the birth of Christianity. When Christianity took over the empire, the church…

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  • Analysis Of Pope Francis's Letter 'Laudato Si'

    va/content/dam/francesco/pdf/encyclicals/documents/papa-francesco_20150524_en Ciclica-laudato-si_en.pdf. Date Accessed 8 Oct., 2017. Rabiipour, Laura Jean, et al. “What Happens at the Rite of Confirmation: The 7 Gifts of the Holy Spirit Explained.” Get Fed, The Catholic Company , 22 Mar. 2017, www.catholiccompany.com/getfed/confirmation-the-7-gifts-of-the-holy-spirit/. Date Accessed 9 Oct.,…

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  • Jean De Dinteville Ambassadors Analysis

    1532 Jean de Dinteville arrived in England for his second diplomatic venture. Whilst it yielded little, he was sent by the French king to protect relations with Henry VIII, who was in an uproar, planning to break away from the pope in Rome and the Catholic church. Dinteville had little to do in English court of Henry VIII other than wait for the pregnant Anne Boleyn to marry and become queen of England, which brought about the English Reformation in following year. In the spring of 1533, when…

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  • The Jesuits In Japan Analysis

    The Jesuits in Japan: An Attempt at Christian Conversion During the sixteenth century, an order of Roman Catholic religious men called the Jesuits attempted to convert the country of Japan to Christianity. Their efforts to accomplish this goal were first sparked by the Age of Discovery, followed by the Counter-Reformation of 1545, and then by Francis Xavier’s meeting with an exiled samurai from Japan. The Jesuit mission began with Francis Xavier’s entrance to Japan in 1549 and saw two more…

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  • Augustine In Confessions

    Music exists in people’s daily life a long time ago and it is used in multiple areas and purposes. In Saint Augustine’s book Confessions, he talked about Catholic religion and mentioned the magical effects of music in the rites of the Catholic Church. Similarly, in David P. McAllester’s book Worlds of Music: An Introduction to the Music of the World’s peoples, the author also discussed the positive effects of ceremony music through the story of a Navajo ceremonial practitioner, Frank Mitchell.…

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