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  • The Tudor Dynasty During European Reformation

    Tudor Project Essay By: Abigail Bingham The Tudor Dynasty was a very famous dynasty during the European Reformation. The monarchy was different and very diverse from other dynasties. They did a lot for Europe in many ways. They gained power, wealth, and land. They also established a church and started the Act of Supremacy. They became involved in a lot of secular and nonsecular affairs. The Tudor Dynasty was the influence and guide for Europe at the time. The topics that are the most important…

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  • Art Chapter 14 Analysis

    1) This module covers three chapters, chapter 3 covers the themes often seen in art, chapter 14 travels back in time to explore the types of art created by people of the ancient worlds around the Mediterranean Sea and chapter 15 ends things with a look at the rise of Christianity and the formation of Europe. In chapter three some of the common themes seen in art are discussed, these themes include religion, politics and society, stories and history, what it’s like being human, and of course…

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  • Compare And Contrast Galileo And Copernicus

    Galileo and Copernicus Galileo Galilei and Nicolaus Copernicus have both made significant contributions astronomy, physics, and mechanics. They have helped to mold modern astronomy and revolutionize science to lead it where it is today. Copernicus was born 91 years before Galileo in Torun, Poland. His father died when Copernicus was just 10. He was then raised by his uncle, who later became the bishop of Varmia. His early life consisted of attending 4 different universities including the…

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  • Requiem For A Spanish Peasant Summary

    The war was between the Republicans, who were also known as the leftist and the nationalists (also known as right-wing). The right-wing were led by the army and had the support of the Catholic Church, counterrevolutionaries (monarchists) and landowners. The most important issues that led to the Spanish Civil War happened in 1930, when Spain lost all of its empire and was left behind the rest of Europe, industrially. This led to a division…

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  • King James I: The First Stuart Family

    Before the Stuart’s reign, the Tudors and English Parliament worked hand in hand. After Queen Elizabeth I’s death in 1603, the Tudor line was over, and the English crown was handed to the Stuarts. The first Stuart monarch, James I, started the conflict between his soon to be dynasty and Parliament. The Stuart family had a tumultuous relationship with Parliament during the 17th century due to the lack of dutiful rulers like James I and Charles I, with the exception of Charles II. James I was an…

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  • Michael Praetorius Biography

    Michael Praetorius was born on February 15, 1571, at Kreuzberg in Thuringia. He was a German composer, a theorist, and an organist. “He was the most versatile and wide ranging German composer of his generation and one of the most prolific, especially of works based on Protestant hymns.” Syntagma musicum is one of the main reasons why Praetorius is important as a theorist. His father was a “zealous Lutheran clergyman,” and also had the name of Michael. The Michael Praetorius, his father, came…

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  • The Role Of Feudalism In The Middle Ages

    Universities started when churches wanted clergies with higher education. Rulers in Europe also wanted literate people for their growing bureaucracy. Sons of wealthy families attended universities in hopes of having a high position in the church or the government. Schools were built by cathedrals to train clergies. The first medieval universities did not have an actual permanent building so classes were held in choir rooms at churches or rented rooms. Being a student was not as…

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  • Essay On Mexican Mission System

    cultural and social outcomes. The mission system involved Arizona, California, and Texas. The mission life during the times of the mission systems focused mainly on their religion. The new natives were taught the typical and expected ways of the Catholic life and faith. The native women were forced upon the necessity of being nuns because in this system, that was their…

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  • Change In Dante's Inferno

    Dante, the famous poet, wrote his Divine Comedy hundreds of years ago, and while it seemed accurate, some parts of it that may not apply anymore due to how civilization changed throughout the years. Culture evolved in such a way that Dante would not recognize any actions because of the foreignness to the 14th Century. Due to this change, the structure of the inferno needs to change to fit with the current world. While some parts of the inferno will inevitably change, other parts will remain the…

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  • Compare And Contrast Anne Bradstreet And Edwards

    Bradstreet Vs Edwards Puritanism - The beliefs or principles of a group of English Protestants of the late 16th and 17th centuries who regarded the Reformation of the Church under Elizabeth I as incomplete and sought to simplify and regulate forms of worship. (Puritanism) Puritans did everything in their lives in the name of God, so there was seldom a need to do anything that wasn’t absolutely necessary such as writing. Because Puritanism limited the amount of Purist authors, our knowledge of…

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