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  • Globalization: The Diffusion Of Christian Religion

    Why is it that as our world is globalizing: sports, businesses, markets, and technology are the first to come to mind? Yes, all of these things are crucial in the globalized society that has emerged today. However, we take for granted the cultures, languages, and even religions that spread into a global era of their own. These so commonly forgotten parts our past relate back to how our everyday lives came to be. Religion is an aspect of most peoples’ lives; there are communities of the same…

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  • Alienation In Judaism

    and holy. The Church is being fractured, internally. Not since Luther nailed his 95 Point Theses to the church door in Wittenberg (sic) have we seen such division. But, unlike Luther who was pointing out the gross fallacies of the practices of the Catholic Church by selling Indulgences in replacement of Penances’, The Church is now fractured in order to win converts by turning a blind eye to sins in an attempt to appeal to a more “modern world”. Christ forewarned us that such times were coming…

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  • The Importance Of The Proclamation Of 1763

    The Jesuits were missionaries from France. They came to Michigan to convert the Native Americans to Christianity in the 1600’s. They learned the languages of the Native Americans and attempted to preach the ways of Christianity to them, in hopes of saving their souls. They were not as successful as they had hoped to be. One of the well-known Jesuits was the Jesuit Priest, Father Jacques Marquette. Marquette founded St. Ignace, which first was a mission. We now know St. Ignace as a city of…

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  • The Great Awakening Essay

    movement that swept through America that stressed individual personal relationship with God. (Henertta, 2013) The Great Awakening contributed to the separation of church and state by breaking down religious uniformity, undermined legally established churches and tax-supported ministers, and challenged the authority of ministers in civil matters…

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  • Essay On European Age Of Exploration

    protestant reformation, they stated why the church was wrong which created a new religion called lutheranism which led to changes in how britain was ruled and how christianity was changed in order to quell the people who joined luther because what the churches did was…

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  • Analysis Of Martin Luther's 95 Theses

    Theses in hopes of just starting a debate between the church, but ended up setting the religious world aflame. In his document, he started by criticizing the selling of indulgence, demanding that the pope had no authority over purgatory and that the Catholic doctrine of the merits of the saints had no foundation in the gospel. The “95 Theses” are a list of questions and propositions for debate and are also known as “Disputation on the Power and Efficacy of Indulgences.” Luther wrote his document…

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  • Analysis Of The Play: A Man Of No Importance

    He is clearly a gay man living in an Orthodox Catholic community, which would be life altering to say the least. The church basically owns the minds of the community and dictates almost entirely what they should believe. If that belief is different than that of the church, they will need to be “cleansed”…

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  • Women's Roles In Religion

    They have obtained many more marital rights, personal freedoms, and hold more religious positions of power. In Protestant churches, female ministers have been around for a long time. However, the situation has not changed as much in Catholicism as women still cannot be ordained in any position of power. In Judaism, most sects ordain female rabbis though some do not. In Islam…

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  • Personal Statement In Religious Education

    's Assumption Catholic Parish for the majority of my life and consider myself to be compassionate and dedicated. During my varied teaching experience, I successfully planned and delivered daily religion lessons centered on the suitable unit of work from the Religious Education Archdiocese of Perth. This enabled the students to properly understand, explore and support the Christian message that is imbedded into all learning areas as part of the Catholic Church’s mission in Catholic Education. As…

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  • Why Did The Rule Of St. Benedict Become Universal

    Why did The Rule of St. Benedict become universally used by communities of monks and nuns across Europe? I think there were several reasons why “The Rule” became universal. I think that it made life as a monk or nun uniform and universal (in a communitarianism sense). All people (monks and nuns) were financially equal. This occurred during a time that was, historically, a very depressed and poor time. With the fall of the Roman civilization and with the Romans being overrun by barbarians, the…

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