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  • Personal Narrative: My Pursuit Of Success

    When I think of successful people, my name had always failed to cross my mind. What had I done, or what could I ever do, to make myself worthy of holding such an honorable character trait? As it turns out, I have managed to surprise myself. It’s difficult to discuss these changes without sounding pompous or self-righteous, but I’ve come to find a great joy in reflecting on where I came from and where I stand today. Truly, I had never expected to attend college let alone fall in love with a university that gave me more than just an education. My mother had grown very ill and I was too scared to think about moving away from her. My previous five years were spent taking care of her and being there whenever she needed me. I had felt like it was…

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  • Social Work Puzzle Analysis

    feels to be the lesser. Yet, with all the hardship that surrounds me, I am exceptionally privileged. Every morning when I wake up, and wrap a new hijab around my head, I am unapologetically me. I am unapologetically Muslim. Within the wildfire that is the 2016 election aftermath, my privilege has shined even brighter. While threats are being thrown around like confetti at minorities in America, I have the distinct privilege of choosing who I want to be every morning. By choosing to place a piece…

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  • Manifest And Latent Function Of Artprize

    and the Marriot are seen as high brow, meaning they are seen as sophisticated (Macaluso, 2016) compared to those that are around the city in outside locations that could be seen as low brow since they are not connected to places of sophistication (Macaluso, 2016). If one were to view Metropolis inside the Marriot hotel and later see A Walk on the Wild Side, or Perspective at Buffalo Wild Winds, the works would be seen very differently not only based on how they look but also on where they are…

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  • Stereotypes In The Last Of The Mohicans

    In the 1920 version of The Last of the Mohicans directed by Clarence Brown and Maurice Tourneur, both women and Native Americans are portrayed in stereotypical ways and even though there are progressive aspects, the stereotypes prevail in the end. From the beginning, women, mainly the British sisters Cora and Alice Munro, are shown as heavily reliant upon the white male soldiers for protection. They are also reliant upon an actually evil and conspiring Native American guide, Magua. Due to the…

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  • Flint Water Crisis Case Study

    Policy and Background The water crisis in Flint, Michigan has made national headlines throughout the country. Many citizens first heard of the ordeal in late 2015. However, the process began in March of 2013 when the Flint City Council voted to switch water service from the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department to the Karegnondi Water Authority (Ridley, 2016). The Karegnondi Water Authority was building a new pipe to Lake Huron slated to be completed in 2016 and the City of Flint was eager to…

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  • Ford Motor Company Research Paper

    Ford Motor Company is a well-known global automotive business. It is an American automobile company that established and headquartered in the city of Dearborn, Michigan. Henry Ford began the company in the year of 1903. Ford’s purpose is to create, design, and sell vehicles such as cars, SUV’S, sports cars, trucks, and even service parts. Ford is in an excellent position that remains to compete for business share in the USA and globally. According to Auto Alliance, “Ford is laser-focused on…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Junior Varsity Team

    At some point in every person's life, they will have a special experience that will stick with them forever. One of my most memorable moments happened recently at a home volleyball game against Traverse City West. Approaching freshman volleyball season, the upperclassman spoke highly of the importance of overpowering TC West. As a ninth grader, I had the mindset that I would be playing for the freshmen team. I didn't think it really mattered what the outcome of the game would be, since we were…

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  • DFWC Case Study

    they managed to receive fourteen thousand signatures on a petition presented to the board of education. In doing this, they finally won over the school board who in turn got the money from the city council to build the playground. By doing this, they did a service to children and their parents across Detroit by providing areas of recreation for them to use. The organization also served children through their educational reform efforts, starting with the school board. School board members were…

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  • Coney Dog Research Paper

    Detroit is the coney dog’s birth place. The coney dog is the face of Detroit it’s one of those things that comes to mind when someone says Detroit. Coneys are located everywhere around the state, you can never run from one. You can find one in the middle nowhere in Michigan. Also coney dogs are a great symbols for the middle class, they came from the core of the country’s middle class, they are cheap, and they are perfect for the blue collar workers that need a fast lunch. Coney dogs are so…

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  • Red Meat Consumption Case Study

    Reducing Red Meat Consumption at Michigan State University The consumption of red meat poses a variety of harmful effects directly to personal health, as well as indirectly to environmental health. The production and processing of red meat is an unsustainable practice in nature. While Michigan State University has gone to considerable measures to ensure that the beef and lamb consumed in the dining halls is coming from responsible practices, it is not enough. To truly make an impact we need to…

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