The Four Impacts Of Religions Contributions To Society

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For many years, religions all across the world have made outstanding contributions to society. According to Archbishop Collins, the four main contributions religion makes to society are that religion enhances communities and allows human relationships to strive, local religious communities make large contributions to the common good of all people through charity work, religions shed light on modern issues through their knowledge, wisdom and heritage and finally religions grace society with beauty. I whole heartedly agree with Archbishop Collins and his idea 's about the outstanding contributions made to the world through religious groups.

The first contribution that religion makes to society is their will to help form and create healthy
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Many people across the world believe that Religions should not play a part in providing an opinion on most (if not all) social issues. What most don 't realize is that the wisdom from the Church is such a valuable component in resolving these issues. The Church recognizes that people of religious backgrounds will be drawn to supporting the Churches decisions but what non-religous people do not realize is that the wisdom and advice given from the church is not only based on teachings of faith but also on natural justice, reason, and the common good for all people. Religious people have the duty to share and spread this wisdom with all people to try and help overcome social issues around the world today which can often times, be difficult because in many people 's eyes there is no place for religion in the modern world. People always chose to look at the mistakes and negatives of religion, rather than looking at those who lived their life positively sharing the knowledge of the Church. People like Mother Theresa or Pope John Paul are excellent examples that, according the Archbishop Collins, non-believers should look at and see that those are the types of people that live a full life of Catholic faith, helping people through utilizing the power of the

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