Morality In Religion Research Paper

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Claim: Religion is nonessential when concluding right and wrong though Religion has framed morality since the Genesis of civilization therefore its sovereignty on society will prevail secularism.

Morality is relative to the cultural values and beliefs set in place. The rules possessed by cultures across the world originate from the religious beliefs and morals of the ancestors who left them behind. Through the centuries morality has evolved within each and every culture as the cultures adapt to the modernization of the time period. “The essence of culture is not these behaviors themselves, but the rules that produce the behaviors” (Culture as a Process, 1) Humanity has set these rules as the framework of their lives and within the frame
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Commandments infers commander, which infers something or someone of power, ie. God. If morality is, however, instinctive then the need for God isn’t pertinent. In a naturalist view, right and wrong are determined on the basis of hurting another person. Wrong action being simply if another person is hurt, or in other terms, if you get in the way of someone living a happy, healthy life then you have done wrong. The view is that morality is objective and applies to every single person instead of subjectively changing from person to person. “...naturalistic forms of moral realism according to which there are objective moral facts and properties and these moral facts and properties are natural facts and properties.” (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, Moral Naturalism) Although this view is often dismissed it is often used to explain how morality can be obtained without religious affiliation and the belief of God. Atheism for example, is proof that without the belief of God you can possess moral constraint. Humans do not need the promise of salvation and the fear of damnation held over them to act ‘good’. “All religion….is nothing but the fantastic reflection in men’s minds of those external forces which control their daily lives” (Friedrich Engels, Anti-Dühring) Did religion or morality come first? This question is similar to which came first, the egg or the chicken? So say religion outlined morality but without morality present how was religion able to depict morality in the first

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