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  • Why Did The Cold War Happen?

    What was the Cold War and why did it happen? How did it threaten the entire world? The famous author name’s Hans Kung said: “After two world wars, the collapse of fascism, nazism, communism and colonialism and the end of the cold war, humanity has entered a new phase of its history”. In human history, the Cold War definitely changed the condition of the world. This war was mainly between the United States and the Soviet Union. At that time these two countries were both superpower. There are…

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  • What Is Mikhail Gorbachev A Hero

    Does a hero have to be perfect? Does he have to be the poster boy of everybody, who everyone wants to be? Does he have to save people every day, and risk their lives every day. Though many may not think of Mikhail Gorbachev as a hero, he saved Europe. Had he not been the leader of the Soviet Union, Germany might have still been divided. A Wall might have still existed in Berlin. The Cold War would have continued to get worse and bring diplomatic conflict, and nations that had always been allies,…

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  • How Does Geography Affect My Life

    Geography has affected many things leading up to now, it has affected in the past and will continue to affect us in the future. Geography isn’t only the shape of and and its climate but also a contribution to culture, dialect, religion. In Geography Matters it explained how geography can be a protective barrier for some, while in The Crucible the geography affects much as religion and also tradition. Lastly, Geography and its take on my life and how I have become who I am because of it.…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Reagan's Speech

    He uses the idea and purpose of reflection in his organization of the speech first he talks about the battle of moral ideas the people are facing then he moves onto his larger idea and the fight against the Soviet Union. That is what leads Reagan to use the narrative of the young fa-ther, and a quote from C.S. Lewis to help illustrate what the root of evil is and where it comes from. This is also to establish the fear of what life would be without faith; the lack of faith and not knowing God is…

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  • The Role Of Humanism In The Renaissance

    The Renaissance was a time period involving the rebirth of classical culture such as beautiful art and literature. During the renaissance the term Humanism evolved which can be defined as a system of values and beliefs that is based on the idea that people are basically good and that problems can be solved using reason instead of religion. Humanists objected to the fact that the Church controlled what people were able to study, of what people were able to publish, and limited the sorts of things…

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  • The Importance Of Divorce And Remarriage In The Eastern Orthodox Church

    In the Catholic Church, one learns that divorced members of the Church who remarry, without the previous marriage being annulled, are forbidden to participate sacramentally in the Church, including participation in the Sacrament of Reconciliation and more importantly, not being able to receive the Holy Eucharist. They are also not allowed to hold positions of leadership in the parish or public ministerial roles such as Eucharistic Minister or Lector. Because of this exclusion and ostracization,…

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  • Analysis Of Manjana Satrapi's 'Kim Wilde'

    restriction and strong bounder in a country limits the understanding of cultural, political and social aspects of life outside our surrounding. People who live in Iran are limited to have contact to the western world, like importing and exporting items or traveling to this countries is highly prohibited because of word war 2. This affects the people who live in Iran,by limiting their understanding and knowledge about the western . In the story ¨ kim Wilde¨ by Manjana Satrapi, she narrates her…

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  • Fall Of The Berlin Wall Essay

    The fall of the Berlin Wall not only symbolized the end of the Cold War, communism, and dictatorship in Eastern Germany, but it was also a great impact on European history. The Berlin Wall, despite its monstrous purpose, brought some positive consequences to the people of Germany. During the twenty-eight years the wall stood, many friendships and families were torn apart due to a physical separation, as well as metaphorical due to stigmas, controversies, and stereotypes. As the wall was built up…

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  • Race To Space Analysis

    Space is the void that exists between celestial bodies, including the Earth. This unknown area is a major interest by the large world powers. The thought of being able to control this infinite far-off territory compelled people to attempt to explore. In 1957 the Soviet Union and the United States became eager in learning about this remote abyss. The “race to space” quite clearly reflected the political, social and economic aspects if the Cold War because it was a fight for supremacy between two…

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  • The Shield Of Achilles In Homer's Iliad

    Her metaphor of describing the Republic as a “secret walled-in garden, a place lost in time” underlines the absolute secrecy and the retrogressive ideologies which were espoused by the GDR within the confines of the Eastern side of the Berlin wall. Funder’s detailed description in her anecdotes of the torture practises performed by the Stasi officers, “They pushed her head under for a long time, then dragged her up by the hair”, and the impact upon the prisoners, “They…

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