Norman Rockwell's Art Analysis

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The walls were a light blue in high contrast with the warm colors of the Norman Rockwell paintings. His work showcased by the beautiful exhibition design. There were many pieces that captured my attention but it is Norman Rockwell’s overall style that fascinates me. His quirky character designs make the viewing of his paintings a unique and fun experience. I have always enjoyed his work growing up. His drawings market different audiences and I believe his work is successful. This exhibit was very successful in terms of exhibition design and combination of works. I truly enjoyed going to the Taubman to view this exhibit. The work is right up my alley in terms of style and subject matter.

His work is incredibly stylized but remaining realistic. The reason that I enjoy Norman Rockwell’s work so much is because growing up I always wanted to be a photographer for a magazine. Rockwell worked for the Saturday Evening Post. He wasn’t a
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Starting from his first illustration. It perfectly depicts his career, ending on the magazine covers. His work is boundless. When I was walking through the gallery I definitely experienced what it was like to be a painter in the time period and being commissioned for a newspaper. His work throughout his life remains constant, always depicting people and always a certain scene. Although he did paint portraits his main work method was to capture a moment, like a photograph would do. He captured these moments and designed the picture plane in such a way as to capture the viewer and then tell the story. The gallery also has an audio guide, which was very helpful when going through the exhibit. His work is timeless capturing the hearts of people throughout history. These images are colorful and realistic depicting common people usually, unless for a movie poster. He created portraits of people’s daily lives. This imagery is entertaining to look at

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