The Sisters Graves At Lemnos Poem Analysis

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Most of us have been made to think of war as an opportunity for men and women to show their bravery and dauntlessness. Since armies have been legalised, we all feel war is acceptable and nobody feels as though it is a type of crime. In fact, we have been brainwashed; war is neither prestigious nor captivating.

During WWI, the government had so much control over the media, it was easy to glorify war and give people a false understanding of it. With the media having control over what people thought and knew about war, it was easy to manipulate people into believing that WWI was going to be the war that ended all wars. One of the ways for people to know what war was really like was through the words of poetry. There are many types of impassioned
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In the first line, she refers to the island of Lemnos as a place of devoutness. "O Golden Isle set in the deep-blue Ocean". By starting the poem with this line, she has immediately given respect for this place and women who lost their lives there. In the third no fourth lines, "i kneel before thee in supreme devotion, Of some who on thy bosom lie at rest". She shows the extreme respect she had for the women who are buried on the island after dying at …show more content…
It describes in depth how the women were often neglected and how soldiers were the only ones praised for their involvement. The work completed by the sisters (women) was never recorded whereas the work completed by the soldiers was.

The next section of the poem reflects on the challenges the women faced and the struggles they went through. Although they did not fight with weapons, factors such as infected wounds on soldiers, sick men, weather conditions, all effected the health of the sisters. These horrible conditions did not stop the women from doing what they needed to do, they fought until they could no longer breathe.

Vera Brittain's use of imagery gives her poem extra meaning and makes it a lot more powerful. Imagery is evident throughout the whole poem although it is dominant in the fourth stanza. It gives the readers an insight as to how bad the conditions were and how the women really thought to stay alive.

Brittain's poem gives readers an insight to what nurses and other support people sacrificed at war. Her poem shows that the women could have gone through the war unrecognised due to the lack of appreciation people have shown for their sacrifice. If it was not for Brittain's poem, people nowadays may have no idea what major role the women

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