Character Analysis Of Blanche Dubois In A Streetcar Named Desire By Tennessee Williams

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Blanche Dubois is the protagonist of the play “A Streetcar Named Desire” written by Tennessee Williams. Her character is portrayed as a middle aged woman who is supposed to be a going crazy because she drowns in her own thoughts. Blanche is able to keep her thoughts together, but “ critic Anca Vlasopolos interprets Blanche’s downfall as a demonstration of William’s sympathy for her circumstances and a condemnation of the society that destroys her” (Blanche Dubois An Antihero). Blanche herself says that she doesn’t want realism she wants magic,that shows forth in her character’s personality and her standard of living.

Blanche is meant to be portrayed as a woman of fancy living, coming from a family of riches and even using her name as being
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In the beginning of the play she pulls of her persona as having it all. She got on break from her job early because she needed to calm her nerves from losing Belle Reve. When she later moves in with her sister she decides to put up chinese paper lanterns to cover the light bulbs. The chinese lanterns symbolize her illusion of magic covering the harsh lights of reality. “Blanche has disguise a failed life by decorating the shabby room, adorning the lightbulb to escape the unpleasant reality reflected in mirrors.” (Analysis on Symbolic Meaning of Blanche, CCSE). When Blanche’s illusion of magic starts to deteriorate and reality comes shining into her face, her insanity is revealed and the climax of not only the play but of her character show …show more content…
Her trials and tributes living with the fact that she was the reason her husband killed himself because of sexuality made her crazy. It made her crazy because knowingly deep down she loved him. As a result of his death and her background she became a woman who only wanted magic no realism, where this ideal became her real life. Hiding the truth from her peers and loved ones of her real life, she filled the void of missing her husband with intimacies with strangers which evidently ruined her.She hides harsh reality with what she thinks ought to be true. Magic isn’t real and real life can’t be magical, even though we all need to have a magical illusion of life in our minds we need the ability to bounce back to reality, and that is what Blanche Dubois was

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