The Agent Leigh Steinberg Analysis

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It is rare that someone can make such an astounding effect on an industry that a movie is modeled after his or her life. It is even more rare for that person to battle personal demons, loss, and betrayal, only to return with a vengeance. Leigh Steinberg did just that.

Sitting in a quaint office overlooking the water in cushy Newport Beach, Los Angeles-born sports agent Leigh Steinberg spoke candidly on a few topics near and dear to him while providing insight into his many layers. He is a man that reached the pinnacle of success in his field. Furthermore, unlike various other in his cutthroat profession, Leigh cares about his players and their well-being. He donates to various charities, believing that giving back is non-negotiable. He is a man
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Those who criticize the most seem to forget the simple fact that athletes are human. Leigh prides himself on doing his best to understand, listen, empathize, be not only an agent to his clients but a friend.

On Client Maintenance (2nd career-what skill sets they have other than athletic), "Look forward to the future and make sure there is a smooth transition."

Nothing grips at my heart strings more than the subject of concussions. Written a few blogs on the subject myself, I was intrigued to learn that Leigh Steinberg has been advocating strongly about the danger of concussions since 1994. He asked legions of questions that others would not. How many are too many? What is the magic number? Years after his first inquiry, Leigh learned that 3 or more could lead to Alzheimer's, Pre Senility, ALS, CTE and Depression. He called it a ticking time bomb, an undiagnosed health epidemic.

On Concussions: "We know that football players will break down gradually, the joints in the body so that a few players retired at 40 might lean down to pick up his child and have aches and pains, it's another thing not to recognize your own

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