Sports Agent Of Competency

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An Agent of Competency
As children, many young boys and girls watch sports on television with the hopes of one day being the one who is scoring the game winning touchdown, or shooting the game winning shot at the buzzer, or landing the perfect 10 to bring home the gold. Upon growing up, many of these same children realize only a select few will achieve that goal and must look for other ways to earn a living. One career path that can be taken that allows one to be part of the sport they love is that of a professional sports agent.
Professional sports agents are the individuals who represent the interests of the players they represent in all business related activity, such as contract negotiations, personal appearances, legal issues, and
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As stated in the introduction, many people who become sports agents are those who dreamed of being an athlete, but realized they lacked the talent to have the dream come true. Irigoin, Whitacre, Faulkner, and Coe (2002) stated while knowledge is a key component of a core competency, until knowledge is put into action it is simply static information. The professional sports agent must be able to demonstrate to his/her client, or potential client, the knowledge he/she possesses will be utilized or put into action to negotiate equitable business deals which will benefit the athlete in short-term and long-term …show more content…
Once those areas were recognized, I would meet with the new agent to discuss where the organization felt further training was necessary and what improvements we expected once the training was complete. Upon completion of training, the newly trained agent would be assigned to follow a veteran agent in the field for no less than one month. The veteran agent would handle all client activities for the first week, allow the new hire to assist in client activities through the next week and a half, and then observe and interject when needed in client activities through the final week and a half of the training period. Upon completion of the training period, another meeting with the new hire and HR would be conducted with the agenda of setting up a goals and objectives program where a progress meeting is scheduled on a quarterly

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