Perfection Is A Perfecture: Augusto Pinochet's Dictatorship

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Is perfection an imaginary ideal, or does it really exist? In many cases, perfection is perceptive; it depends on how one discerns the idea of it. Some may argue that perfection is nonexistent, all things will eventually fall short of its goals, and that nothing is without flaws. On the contrary, some may argue that perfection is a scarce form of existence that only few entities attain. In the case of Chile, perfection existed in one of the most unexpected forms; Augusto Pinochet’s dictatorship. A perfect dictatorship is a dictatorship that functions as one, but allows the countries citizens to believe that they have a say politically (elections). It allows for the people to believe that the dictator has the bests interests of the people and …show more content…
General Leigh was “...a man of keen intellect, strong personality, and wide popularity among his officers (Constable, Valenzuela 65). No one would have expected Pinochet to assume command and he used that to his advantage. He used his pledge of unity and respect for his elder commanders, as a façade to hide his true intentions. Pinochet began to quickly isolate himself from the rest of his peers. Customarily, commanders would walk into ceremonies together. However, Pinochet began walking into ceremonies alone. Pinochet also began to disregard the unity of the junta. The junta was supposed to make pivotal government decisions collectively. However, Pinochet took it upon himself to start announcing key positions during solo visits to provinces throughout the country. He used the support of those who argued that a separation among powers was needed for the government to function properly, to manipulate his colleagues. Next, Pinochet was made chief executive and his colleagues acted as legislatures. Consequently, this gave Pinochet the power to issue decrees and laws that his peers could not veto. These manipulations were the framework for the perfect dictatorship, because those around Pinochet were ignorant to the fact that they were being manipulated. It took them some time to realize the true nature of Pinochet’s

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