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  • Inequality In Jane Eyre And Frankenstein

    Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte and Frankenstein by Mary Shelley are two novels in which the themes of equality and inequality are explored extensively. The texts are both written by women in 1847 and 1818 respectively and both deal with gender inequality. Jane Eyre is also a social commentary on the injustices and inequalities of the classist Victorian hierarchy whereas Shelley’s novel focuses on the human rejection of unconventionality and the inequalities faced by societies ‘outcasts. The gender roles instilled in society at the time of Jane Eyre’s publication prevent Jane from using her voice at the beginning of the novel. The inequality of women is shown effectively in Jane’s ‘rival’ throughout the story Blanche Ingram. She possesses the qualities deemed to be attractive in women at this time; she is beautiful, wealthy and musically talented. The idea that these ‘assets’ made women desirable and not possessing them deemed them unattractive is rejected by Bronte and, by Jane succeeding in ‘winning’ Rochester’s heart it shows the authors disapproval of gender and class restraints. The importance of female appearance is shown in juxtaposition with men in Jane Eyre- Rochester is often described as less than attractive but is still an eligible bachelor. The injustice faced by Jane due to her appearance is caused by the sexist views held by society and the belief that beauty was the most important thing a woman could possess. Jane Eyre comments at length on the dangers of…

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  • Victorian Mythology Of Gender In Browning's Aurora Leigh

    Aurora was taught by her aunt all the common female skills as she grew up, but she was also educated in real subjects too. “I learnt a little algebra, a little / Of the mathematics,–brushed with extreme flounce / The circle of the sciences, because / She misliked women who are frivolous” (403-406). Aurora’s aunt gives her the chance to truly become educated, by allowing her to learn math and science as a child. The traditionally male subjects allowed aurora to be more independent and well…

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  • Rhetoric In Disney Princess Movies

    Over time, it has been evident that Disney has promoted a different message within their princess movies, which is a shift in rhetoric. At first, the princess movies displayed unrealistic goals for young girls and now, there is a paradigm of different princesses that set an example for those who have goals and wish to achieve them. From a classical princess such as Aurora to a modern one such as Elsa, the messages are displayed in the princesses goals and obstacles. Prior to Frozen and other…

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  • Movie Analysis: Maleficent

    Sleeping Beauty is an old tale of good and evil in which an evil, ugly witch called Maleficent curses a beautiful princess into a deep sleep and she can only be awoken by true love’s kiss. This story is from Maleficent’s perspective and challenges the idea that everything is “black and white” (good and evil). It shows that individuals make mistakes and perspective plays a large part on interpretation. The film also challenges what true love is when Aurora wakes from Maleficent’s kiss and not…

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  • The Performance Of The Prologue And Act 1 Of Sleeping Beauty

    being sold I came to the conclusion that the performance of The Sleeping Beauty was huge. Therefore, I expected the performance to be enthusiastic, entertaining and worth-watching. Sleeping Beauty is about a Princess named Aurora. During Princess Aurora’s christening, she is cursed by an evil fairy named Carabosse. The day of Princess Aurora’s sixteenth birthday, she pricked her finger with a corsage that was given to her by Carabosse. For the next 100 years, Aurora and her kingdom would fall…

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  • Northern Lights Research Paper

    When the northern lights come out, it sometimes appears as if the sky is on fire. There is an eerie connection between the Sun and our planet’s atmosphere that can sometimes cause the sky to unexpectedly glow with shades of red, yellow, purple and green; an atmospheric phenomenon called the northern lights or Aurora Borealis. The Sun is constantly spraying the solar system with millions of tons of charged particles each minute. The stream of charged particles from the Sun, or solar wind,…

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  • Aurora Research Paper

    across the night sky – an unexplained phenomenon at the time (Fara 1996). This was the first time English astronomer Edmund Halley witnessed this display. This experience led him to publish the first detailed description of what is now commonly known as the “aurora” (P. Brekke and Broms 2013; Bone 2007) (include pic of his drawings). The theories that he proposed led to the birth of modern science and to a certain extent shaped our current understanding of the nature of aurorae, how they form,…

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  • Snow White: Gender Roles In Disney Princess Movies

    undermine her father’s authority by informing her father, “I’m 16 years old. I’m not a child anymore.” (Parenthetical) This statement alludes children to believe that they no longer need to listen to their parents when they are of the age of sixteen and that going into a treacherous situation is alright. Another princess that illustrates this flaw is Cinderella. The Disney princess is told to do house chores, but, rather, decides to go to a ball that she is forbidden to go to. Even though…

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  • Observation Of Rosie's Behavior

    In this paper, I will be discussing the behavior of a young girl named Rosie and her mother’s adventures at a lively local toy store. I spent approximately 30 minutes observing Rosie and her mother walk around the toy store. During this time, I observed Rosie interact with different objects and people. I was able to observe Rosie display her varying levels of knowledge in different areas. I was interested in observing her behavior in efforts to compare an aspect of her development to one in the…

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  • Character Analysis Of Blanche Dubois In A Streetcar Named Desire By Tennessee Williams

    get her mind off of the death of her dear husband, that she blames herself for. Knowing this you can see that Blanche is an extremely troubled character. Blanche’s character is so complex and to carry out her full potential for an actress is one of the most difficult things to put together. “ Actresses talk of losing their voice, suffering bouts of depression or having anxiety attacks while playing the part.” (Blanche Dubois: Chasing Magic,Fleeing the Dark). An actress that experienced these…

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