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  • Scythe Symbolism

    A world where death is a rare occurrence, and the only way to keep the population down is an elite group called Scythes. In the novel Scythe, written by Neal Shusterman, these elite members of society are given the power to kill whoever they want, whenever they want, and it's all for the betterment of their community. With this in mind, Rowan is taken in to train and become one of these elites. However, when he is taken in by a morally corrupt Scythe, Rowan is faced with a difficult decision; does he train to become a ruthless killer, or does he keep his conscience clean by killing no one at all? In Scythe, Neal Shusterman uses physical and cultural surroundings to shape the psychological traits of Rowan as he is trying to fight against a community…

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  • Anthem For Doomed Youth, By Wilfred Owen

    Wilfred Owen is one of the most famous war poets. He became interested on writing poems when he was a teenager. On 21 October 1915, he volunteered to contribute to war and wrote many war poems, such as ‘Anthem for doomed youth’, ‘Exposure’, and ‘Dulce Et Decorum Est’. In these poems Owen has described the horror and reality of war through his vivid experience. He has portrayed the severe situations of war and dreadful sights he has seen. Owen uses various language devices to convey the horror of…

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  • Theme Of Power In The House Of The Scorpion

    When a person thinks of power, they usually think of the president or other rulers. But people with power aren’t always caring, and they may use their power for their own benefit. The dystopian novel Scythe by Neal Shusterman is about two teens, Citra and Rowan, who are chosen to be scythes, the population managers/killers. In the dystopian novel The House Of The Scorpion by Nancy Farmer, El Patron, a selfish ruler, has made a clone of himself, that will give him transplants so he can live…

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  • Robert Frost Analysis

    Frost supplicates us to question, “what does the scythe whisper?” yet if we stay grounded in reality, we must admit that scythes are incapable of human speech whether in whispered form or otherwise. Frost, in structuring his poem around a whispering scythe, allows the poem to imply much more than it actually states. Frost questions whether the reader or mower in the field can help but look behind and within the facts stated in the poem for something more than just what is written. This listening…

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  • Rowan Damisch Character Analysis

    In regards to the text, Rowan symbolizes the archetype of a civilization; a place that is sheltered with regulations, where moral values and ethics play a key role in determining a cultivating a refined civilization. On the other hand, one of the influential characters who molds Rowan into the ambivalent figure towards the end of the novel—Honorable Scythe Goddard— symbolizes the atrocious nature of savagery within this dystopian novel. Scythe Goddard displays the psychological aspect of an…

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  • Churchill's Speech Persuasive Essay

    feel a sense that they have to protect their homes and they have a responsibility towards their country. An example where Churchill combined both pathos and logos at once is “Against this loss of over 30,000 men, we can set a far heavier loss certainly inflicted upon the enemy. But our losses in material are enormous. We have perhaps lost one-third of the men we lost in the opening days of the battle of 21st March, 1918, but we have lost nearly as many guns -- nearly one thousand-and all our…

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  • Summary: No One's POVA

    usually given by the blacksmith or the name is found in a weapon booklet. Izzy instantly hears a knock on her closed door. She continues to clean and polish her scythe, her back facing the door. While one of her members opens her door and takes a peak inside, "Izzy everyone is waiting to hear what our next mission will be." She then turns around with her rare scythe in her hands and looks at the young adult who has brown hair with intense bright green eyes that would instantly captivate you,…

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  • What Is Death Equal To Everyone

    “Here is a small fact. You are going to die… Does this worry you? I urge you- don’t be afraid. I’m nothing if not fair.” (3) Death shouldn’t be feared because it happens to everybody. Death is equal to everyone. Death cannot be bribed or beaten. Death is inevitably. Why fight it? “Forget the scythe, Goddamn it, I needed a broom or a mop. And I needed a vacation. A small piece of truth. I do not carry a sickle or scythe. I only wear a hooded black robe when it’s cold. And I don’t have those…

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  • Why Do Workers Fail At Work

    three of the workers are in tune with their work. The cause of them to have great work ethics comes with maturity and fully understanding the job that you have to do. One of the workers who fails at his job, shows why it is important to stay focused and careful. In “Mowing” the persona is very engaging in his work and shows a love for tins around him. Being focus is the key to get the job done carefully, and the mower shows great interests in the environment that he works in. He pays attention…

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  • The Mechanical Reaper

    The Mechanical Reaper Before the late 1830s, farming was a strenuous and time consuming task. The land had to be broken up with a plow and then seeded. The plow, pulled by oxen or horses, had a sharp blade that cut into the earth and turned over the soil. The farmer had to keep the blade of the plow in the ground and had to be careful not to hit any large rocks, stumps or roots. Next, a harrow, a large rake-like object with rows of teeth, was pulled over the soil to break up the lumps and…

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