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  • Father Returning Home Poem

    Dilip Chitre creates a stark impression of the isolation of old age in his poem ‘Father Returning Home’ by showing his fathers’ estrangement from society and his own family. Chitre conveys this isolation by using literary devices such as similes and repetition, and addressing themes such as modernity vs tradition. The poem begins when a father is waiting outside for a train which will take him home. We know this as it says ‘My father travels on the late evening train’. Already by labelling the train as ‘late’ we know that it is either a late time of the day, or it is late because society does not need to be on time for older people. The sibilance used to describe the commuters creates a ‘hissing’ sound in the readers mind emphasizing how unpleasant the situation is. The reader immediately feels pity for the father when it is said ‘suburbs slide past his unseeing eyes’. This conveys that the father is old and that his eyesight is not very good. It also shows that the father is very tired and he must have had a very long day at work. Another mention to the eyes in the poem emphasizes that his eyes are ‘dimmed by age’ and are fading homeward. The initial few lines of the poem already make the reader feel pity for the father and realise that despite his old age, he is still not being taken care of by society. All around him, everybody is quiet and waiting to go home, not helping him as his ‘bag stuffed with books is falling apart’. This bag could be a reference to the man’s…

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  • Anarcho-Communism: The Political Ideology Of Anarchism

    There are numerous offshoots of anarchism that stretch from one end of the political spectrum to the other. The different sects and offshoots of anarchy, as I have found them, are as follows: Anarchism, anarcho-syndicalism, anarcho-capitalism, anarcho-communism, anarcha-feminism, eco-anarchism, mutualistic anarchism, individualism, Christian anarchy, literary anarchy, Collectivism, anarcho-primitivist, and surely the list can continue for pages and pages (Kinna, 2005). From this realization…

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  • Summary: Collectivism In The Workplace

    With the fast-paced growth of globalization, a manager is facing with different ethnicities of employees, be it domestically or oversea. The U.S. culture has always been emphasizing individualism in which each individual is recognized for his achievement and/or contribution in the workplace. This is called social loafing. Conversely, other countries in Europe and Asia might not adapt the individualism as well as the United States. These countries are more for group-based activities, or known…

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  • Shirley Chisholm: Race For Equality

    Shirley Chisholm: Race for Equality Today, women and minorities have a wide variety of professions they can pursue; but it was not always that way. Before the Civil Rights Movement, they, especially black people, were bound to a stereotypical or subservient role in society without the right to voice their opinions. Some, however, did take a stand to fight for equal rights against all odds. These people were called Civil Rights activists and many became leaders. Among the many famous pioneers…

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  • Individualism In The United States: Hudson And Spalding

    Hudson and Spalding have different views on individualism, self-government, and libertarianism. Spalding knows that individualism is one of the founding principles that the United States is supposed to believe in. We are a country founded on doing things yourself and not relying on others to do them for you, being self-reliant is one of the biggest things that they believed in. He talks about being willing to work for the things you need and not relying on the rich or the government to take care…

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  • Emma Goldman Mother Jones Research Paper

    cause is a belief of self governing. "Anarchism, then, really, stands for the liberation of the human mind from the dominion of religion; the liberation of the human body from the dominion of property; liberation from the shackles and restraints of government,” (Emma Goldman). This caused Emma Goldman and her second husband, Alexander Berkman, to attempt murder. They believed in over throwing government with violence. Goldman took a few years to hide from society but was once again strongly…

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  • Turner's Frontier

    In “The Significance of the Frontier In American History” by Frederick Jackson Turner, written in 1893 he expounds strongly the importance of the frontier. In his thesis, he outlines that the frontier shaped and molded men into the embodiments of “Americanism”. These were people in a new world that Turner referred to as Americans that receive great traits all due to the encounter of the frontier. This statement made by Turner has been supported by several historians and to this day still holds…

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  • Women's Studies Reflection

    When talking to my friends and family about classes, they are interested in that one class that stands out the most, Women’s Studies. Then the conversation gets deeper into what the class has learned so far, what feminism is and our opposing or similar views on the subject. Specifically this time I asked certain questions such as “how they defined feminism? “, “What they thought Women’s Studies was?” and “How have they experienced power, privilege or oppression in their life?” The official…

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  • Anarchism, Individualist-Communism

    Living in complete freedom is the philosophy that is the foundation of anarchism. The rediscovering of the anarchist philosophy inundated the minds of British youth in the 1970s who felt that the British government was suppressing thier freedom with frivolous laws. There are several schools of anarchism such as anarchist-communism, collectivist anarchism, social anarchism, individualist anarchism, and mutualism, which all influenced the explosion of the punk rock movement. Nevertheless, it is…

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  • Anarchism And Marxist Power

    To effectively interpret theorist conceptualizations of power we must first understand power as a social construction. This is an important concept to acknowledge when attempting to understand the role of power in both Marxism and Anarchism. We must acknowledge each theories different idea of power distributions between individuals and authorities. Despite Marxist and Anarchist similarities they differ in ideas of the role of ‘the state’ and they conceptualize the use of power structures…

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