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  • Intercultural Competence And Cultural Competence

    What is cultural competence and how can it be gained? Intercultural competence is the ability to be sensitive, reflective, tolerant, and efficient during interactions with individuals of different cultures (Behrnd & Porzelt, 2012). Arasaratnam and Doerfel (2005) identify having prior cross-cultural experiences, a global understanding of culture without ethnocentrism, and listening skills that allow one to be proficient in cross-cultural communication as important components of intercultural competence. Intercultural competency is becoming an increasingly valuable commodity for individuals entering and existing in the workforce (Hunt, 2001). Other valuable skills and understandings can emerge as indications of the acquisition of cultural…

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  • Essay On Multicultural Competence

    Cultural competence is a set of congruent behaviors, attitudes, and policies that come together in a system, agency or among professionals and enable that system, agency or those professions to work effectively in cross-cultural situations. Multicultural competence requires constant work, study and development as counselors move through their careers. It is ever changing and demands attention. Even though I have been exposure to those from other cultures in business, organizations, school,…

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  • Diversity, Culture, Cultural Competence, Cross-Cultural Competence

    Cross-cultural Relations This handout will focus on: diversity, culture, cultural competence, cross-cultural relations and its importance. Introduction People around the world are from different cultures and they view things in different perspectives. In addition, they have a difference in things that they consider to be important more than others. All these are the results of diversity. What is diversity? Referring to the (Royal Bank of Canada 1995-2015), diversity refers to any dimension that…

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  • Summary: Cultural Competence In Nursing

    “With increasing cultural diversity within our society, nursing students often find the challenge of engaging with a client who appears different and holds different cultural beliefs to be overwhelming.” (Seckman, 2013.) The literature agrees and acknowledges the need for cultural competence among nurses in order to provide safe, quality care to patients. Authors in all the articles acknowledge the fact that the population is becoming increasingly more diverse necessitating a need for students…

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  • Cultural Competence In Public Administration

    Assessing Cultural Competence in Public Administration Introduction Public Administration is the backbone of a state and any discrimination within the body or by the body could be disastrous. With the expansion and globalization of the World, people from an array of cultures inhabit the countries. In order to make this department more efficient, the authorities need to ensure that their policies and behaviors comply with the latest and ethical demands of Cultural Competence, such that they…

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  • Cultural Competence In Multicultural Education

    Cultural Competency Culture is defined as a learned set of shared interpretations about beliefs, values, and norms which affect the behaviors of a relatively large group of people (Johnson, 2006). Additionally, Johnson (2006) states that culture goes far beyond the climate, food, and clothing of a student’s native country. Culture can be difficult to understand and can present itself as a challenge for classroom teachers. Acquiring cultural competence is a gradual process (Johnson, 2006).…

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  • Intercultural Competence In Cross Culture Communication

    The topic of intercultural competence have become very important in the past years of the globalization era where people of diverse cultures meet, study and work together. Conversation between culturally different speakers are more likely go wrong than between the speakers of the same culture. People need to obtain the intercultural competence in order to communicate smoothly with people from different cultural background and go beyond the conceptual meaning of the utterance. Misunderstandings…

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  • Psychological Disorders: The Ford Vs. Wainwright Case

    modern world that do not receive nearly enough consideration and understanding. It is this issue of mental illness that creates much controversy and indecisiveness in establishing legal guidelines for determining mental competence in the eyes of the law. Specifically, the Supreme Court case of Ford versus (v) Wainwright attempted to establish the constitutionality of executing someone deemed psychologically unfit after the trial process, as well as adequate procedures for doing so. However, due…

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  • Mary C. Northern Case Study

    A person’s autonomy is a privilege that is earned through the knowledge gained through life experiences. For children, the right to decide is withdrawn because the parent’s are thought to know what is best in the circumstances concerning their children. The ability to understand and comprehend the severity of illness or the consequences of decisions is lacking in adolescents. They are deemed incapable of making informed decisions thus incompetent; therefore, the parents are given the authority…

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  • Alternative Medical Treatments: A Legal Case Study

    would want to make a competency determination of the child based on mental maturity being more important than physical maturity. The reason I believe the philosophers would not want to examine this is because they stated that, “Understanding also requires the ability to appreciate the nature and meaning of potential alternatives-what it would be and ‘feel’ like to be in possible future states and to undergo various experiences. In young children this is often prevented by the lack of sufficient…

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