Diversity, Culture, Cultural Competence, Cross-Cultural Competence

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Cross-cultural Relations
This handout will focus on: diversity, culture, cultural competence, cross-cultural relations and its importance.
People around the world are from different cultures and they view things in different perspectives. In addition, they have a difference in things that they consider to be important more than others. All these are the results of diversity.
What is diversity?
Referring to the (Royal Bank of Canada 1995-2015), diversity refers to any dimension that can be used to distinguish groups of people from one another. This is to mean differences in “ethnicity, gender, age, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, education, and religion.” It can go beyond that and reach to difference in perspectives, work experiences, life styles and cultures. In order to be successful when working with people from different
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Developing and maintaining cross-cultural relations is a useful skill because:
• It helps people to learn about themselves from being exposed to other cultures and behaviors.
• It encourages confidence and motivation because people can measure their level of capability based on others, and then plan to do better than now. (Odrnews n.d).
• It reduces obstacles in interacting with different people around the world. This leads to more open relationships because people are able to engage others in a conversation.
• It develops interpersonal and problems solving skills as people are gaining experiences from different people and learning about how things are being done in different places around the world. (Odrnews n.d).
• Developing and maintaining cross-cultural relations helps in developing a person’s career because of sharing experiences and skills with various people. On this level, people are not biased by their thinking because they are exposed to various cultures, and know that the difference in people

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