Analysis Of Boy Overboard By Morris Gleitzman

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The introduction
Boy Overboard, is a highly realistic fiction/child's literature book, that was released in 2002 by Morris Gleitzman, who wanted to recreate the story of a family escaping from to go to Australia, in the most realistic way possible.
In this moving tale, Jamal and his family who live in one of the millions of villages in Afghanistan are force to leave. Jamal's mother has been running secret school for a while, and just like many other things in Afghanistan, it's illegal and doing such a crime can end up costing you your life. So when the evil government finds out about this “school”, the family are forced to desperately flee for their lives. They're going down under. Way down under.
The story is set in a war-torn village in Afghanistan
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The moral of this story is always have hope.
My thoughts throughout
The book so far, is one of a very few books that has managed to keep me both entertained and focused throughout. I don't really like reading, because I find it to be quite boring, but in very few and rare cases there are exceptions.
Boy overboard from the very beginning had me really interested because of the story and the way it was written. From the start it had a dramatic approach and the book wasted no time in getting to the story. Many books that I try reading turn me off early before I get to the exiting parts. I really like that about the book so far.
I also really like the story telling part, I can tell that the author Morris
Gleitzmann wrote the book with a story in his mind, that he wanted to get across to the readers. It's a kind of sad and brutal story, but I think it's important that it gets shared and that people read it because that way they can get educated on what the worlds really like in some places. And it makes me appreciate, how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful country.
Throughout the story there are many highlights and turning points, and
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I'm still not quite sure what to think about the ending. Never once while reading did I anticipate or expect a bad/sad ending like what we got. I always thought that once they finally got to Australia everything was gonna be great. I thought that finally Jamal and Bibi could pursue their football careers and they would be welcomed to Australia with love and care. Obviously this isn't super realistic and taking the realistic approach the book had throughout I should have expected a similar ending to what we got. The surprise element no matter the less I enjoyed and just like most the other parts of the book I enjoyed the ending to.
The English in the book was never hard to understand. And due to it being a child's literature book I never had to use the dictionary. The book works well in a sense that the different chapters and parts connect nicely.
Overall I definitely enjoyed reading this book, and that comes from someone who usually dislikes reading and really struggles to find books that interest himself. I really like what how the book is written and that it waists no time to get to the action. And most of all I really like the message and the

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