Cultural Competence In Public Administration

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Assessing Cultural Competence in Public Administration
Public Administration is the backbone of a state and any discrimination within the body or by the body could be disastrous. With the expansion and globalization of the World, people from an array of cultures inhabit the countries. In order to make this department more efficient, the authorities need to ensure that their policies and behaviors comply with the latest and ethical demands of Cultural Competence, such that they cater to the needs and values of all cultures, not just the dominant ones. Summary
The people are judged and identified from the way they behave in masses and in a particular environment and such attitudes come exclusively from the influence of geographical
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This is specifically carried out by the practitioners, and if we weigh its importance in the department of Public Administration, we come to realize that some of the most autonomous and liberal PA departments in the World, work on these two approaches to examine different cultures and their influences on the people in order to maintain a healthy work environment and to check all the negativity and rectify it before dishing out any …show more content…
It involves you, another person (or a group) from another culture and the effect of this amalgam on the society. In order to carry out an assessment of cultural awareness, you got to scrutinize yourself that whether you just accept and embrace the people of different cultures or do you start judging them upon interaction on the mere basis that they do not sound or act like you expect them to do. Once you are done with this, the very next step is that whether you are aware of the consequences of your lack of knowledge of a particular culture or not – because it rationally understandable that if you act or react in an ambiguity, your attitude would be the only culprit in a possible clash. You should always be tolerant towards anyone who holds a different point of view, especially if someone is new in your vicinity, you have to be aware of his needs according to his culture, do not just bombard yourself with following your culture strictly. You ought to relax and give them some space to

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