The Negative Effects Of The Legalization Of Marijuana And The Society

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Over the last few decades, marijuana has been a controversial issue debated between many states, countries, and people. The prohibition of marijuana has lead to many negative effects such as higher crime rates and the imprisonment of more people. Although many people think marijuana is bad for the society, there are good effects that comes from this prohibited drug. Studies have been made to determine the impact of marijuana to the society. The legalization of marijuana can lead to a lower percentage of crime rates, a higher percentage of healthier people, and a rise in the economy.
While many people are getting arrested for selling marijuana, the society looks down on these “drug dealers”. Drug Policy Alliance states that in 2014 there were 700, 993 people arrested in the U.S. for marijuana law violations whereas 88 percent of the people were arrested for possession only. After becoming a burden
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Optimist believes the legalization of marijuana could be the biggest investment opportunity to America since a boom from centuries ago. Marijuana becoming apart of the market could lead to more jobs for unemployed people. The U.S. would become an even more prosperous country. MIchael Bodley and Clarissa Cooper stated, “ The industry totaled $2.66 billion in U.S. sales in 2014. . .” from the sell of marijuana in only a few states. Marijuana has brought in millions for universities and dispensary owners who prescribed or grew cannabis. As more states began to decriminalize marijuana, the society will not only mature but also more people will began to shift their view on marijuana. The study of marijuana increases; therefore, states will understand how to regulate it and keep it under control without causing negative side effects. Consumers, investors, and unemployed people will benefit from this drug. While marijuana becomes a strong demand, the economy’s business cycle will stay at its

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