Legalization On Drugs

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Marijuana has been quickly gaining favor in the United States, and many citizens are pushing for its legalization for recreational use. States like Colorado, Washington, Alaska, and The District of Colombia have already legalized it and it is time for North Carolina to do the same. Though the War on Drugs has been in effect for the past 40 years, it is time for Marijuana to no longer be considered an illegal substance. Never the less, it should still be a controlled substance subject to regulation by the North Carolina State Government. I will review policies in other states and countries and their experiences to draw up a plan for legalized recreational cannabis use in North Carolina. This is an act to tax and regulate the production, sale, …show more content…
It is the third most used recreational drug and there is currently 14.5 million users (Zilney 123). It has been around as early as 2737 BC in Chinese writings and was a staple in American Independence because 90 percent of all American’s clothing and rope were made of hemp (Zilney 123). Cannabis became popular in the United States in 1920 but then was quickly demonized when the movie Reefer Madness was released adding to the fire of its illegalization (Zilney 123). Since the 1930’s, marijuana has been thought of as a gateway drug that leads into other harder substances. The Drug Policy Alliance Network (DPAN) states that marijuana being a gate way drug is in fact a myth. According to their website ( they state, “that most marijuana users do not use other illegal drugs” and they suggest that this myth could have come about because of the popularity of the drug (Zilney 27). There are many benefits to cannabis usage as well as consequences. Using cannabis recreationally can improve creativity and increase relaxation. Also marijuana is successful at treating glaucoma and can even benefit chemo therapy and AIDS patients to increase their appetite (Zilney 125). There are also negative consequences to cannabis use, these include: dry mouth, redness of the eyes, slight paranoia, hallucinations, and increased …show more content…
All owners and employees who dispense marijuana will have to only bank with these specified banks to avoid the federal government placing hold on their assets. The taxation of recreational marijuana will be astounding. Colorado reported that within the first four months of legal marijuana sales, there was $10.8 million of revenue through taxes ( This revenue can be used to fund North Carolina Schools and public education campaigns about the proper use of marijuana. Other economic benefits will include employment for dispensaries, banks, fertilizer, pipes and more to support the recreational legalization of marijuana.


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