Benefits Of Legalizing Marijuana

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Marijuana Should Be Legalized for Medical and Recreational Purposes
Marijuana has been the controversial topic of discussion for centuries. Early American leaders enacted the first law regarding marijuana, which is also referred to as cannabis or weed, in the year 1613. The law stated that farmers were required to grow hemp, the stalk of the marijuana plant, in order to prepare fibers that were considered “essential for making sails, ropes, food, and fuel in the developing nation” (Rich, Stingl l1). There was not a negative connotation assigned to marijuana until citizens began to associate the plant with the mischievous Mexican immigrants, who ‘were accused of being addicted to marijuana” (Rich, Stingl 12). Law abiding citizens of America
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For the remaining states, legalizing marijuana will be a gradual process. The benefits of legalizing marijuana can be seen clearly through the comparison of the states where the drug is legal and the states where the drug is not legal. States that have legalized marijuana have seen an increase in funds leading to state improvements that benefit all citizens who encounter the area. Everything from roadwork to schools will see an increase in funding, which will lead to an increase of market growth. States that more disposable income will be able to create an environment that attracts more citizens, which leads to an escalation of population and an increase of money that is being spent within the state, which in turn leads to economic growth. Legalizing cannabis for medicinal and recreational use would also expand available crops for local farmers. According to a public policy report conducted in 2006, “marijuana is the United States’ largest cash crop by a significant margin” (Rich, Stingl 21). Marijuana “already has been grown successfully as a fibre[sic] crop in the Wide Bay” and was a natural resource for decades in the infancy of The United States” (“Medicinal Marijuana has Benefits” 4). The legalization of cannabis would “result in two billion dollars [of] revenue for the government (in the form of taxes on marijuana cigarettes)” (Rich, Stingl 21). Not only are marijuana sells a factor in the incoming currency, paraphernalia and edibles also contribute to the total sum of state revenue. Marijuana sales are quickly becoming a multi-million dollar business and gaining the momentum to catch the eyes of investors around the world. Legalizing marijuana throughout the United States would create a great opportunity for growth and revenue for

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