Legalization Of Marijuana Essay

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Recent literature shows marijuana may cause: an increase in infectious disease, cancer, oral diseases, pulmonary infections, heart disorders, neurologic disorders, renal and urological dysfunction, nausea and vomiting, infertility, and nutritional concerns (Adam Gordon et al., 2013), but these correlations have not been proven. If marijuana is legalized, scientist and doctors can study the drug further to confirm or deny these potential symptoms. If marijuana truly is hazardous, legalization will provide grounds for education that users otherwise would not of received on the black market. It is also important to point out that some of these side effects can be negated through the oral ingestion of marijuana.

Potential Therapeutic Benefits
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Some states, such as Colorado and California, have already legalized marijuana; this has been to their benefit. These have seen an increase in tax revenues and colorado has only a observed small increase in hospitalization (Andrew A Monte, 2015). A high tax system may create a new source of income for individual states and the federal government. A low tax system may stimulate the economy and drive out illegal dealers. Also, legalization will allow for many more studies on marijuana and its economic, sociological and physiological effects. The classification of marijuana as a schedule one drug makes this research very difficult to do. Arran Frood wrote an editorial on just how difficult it may be to obtain marijuana legally for these studies. In it he wrote: “Scientists can access most illegal drugs, such as… ecstasy and… LSD from various accredited laboratories. But the only legal source for marijuana for medical research in the US is the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA). Even after researchers have Food and Drug Administration approval for their studies and clear their work with the DEA, NIDA can refuse to supply them with the product.”(Arran Frood, 2007) This means that the government can directly influence what studies are published, possibly to fit the NIDA’s own agenda. This is an issue as further unbiased research needs to be done concerning the health benefits and concerns of marijuana and the development of cannabis based

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