Argumentative Essay: Pro Legalization Of Marijuana

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Death is irreversible. Each year thousands of people die from an overdose. According to statistics more than 50,000 people died from an overdose last year. Death due to overdoses is more common than death from a car crash. However not all drugs can cause an overdose. By now most people are aware of a drug called Marijuana. Marijuana is unlike most drugs, in fact in my opinion it should not be classified as a drug. What make marijuana special is the fact that it can be used to treat medical diseases, such as lupus, epilepsy, crohn's etc. Over the past few years pot has become a controversial issues. Some states have legalized it while others have not. After watching two vice documentaries, on pot I am pro legalization of marijuana. Marijuana …show more content…
If Pot is legalized, it will not only help medical patients, but it will help the entire nation. Colorado is a state that legalized pot and it has made money off it. Since pot is legal they were able to tax buyers. In the documentary a couple up rooted their life and moved to Colorado, a state where pot is legal, to get their daughter the treatment she needed. Colorado has made over one-billions dollars in marijuana sales over the past year. If pot were to be legalized in other states, it would definitely help financially. Based off my research I see no reason why pot is not legalized. Marijuana is safe in fact some people argue that pot is safer than alcohol and that it causes less of a harm. According to statistics it is true, each year there are many deaths due to drunk driving, or overdoses, however there are no known deaths due to pot. Therefore I strongly believe that pot should be legalized, in each state. It would give the patients in every state a chance to get better. As far as recreational use, it is harmless the only restriction I would put on the use of it would be a age limit. According to research a strain high in thc and low in cbd can cause damage to the developing brain and the brain stops developing at the age of 25, therefore 25 would be the age limit. Overall pot should be

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