Argumentative Essay: Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

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Today, many people are suffering from diseases and diagnosis that go uncured everyday, specifically because the body is not strong enough to fight off certain things. Although there are many misconceptions about the negative effects of Cannabis, marijuana, the fact is that marijuana should be legalized because it has the potential to benefit thousands of Americans. For example, marijuana can be used for medical use and it can become a profit for positive reasoning. There are other ways to intake THC, tetrahydrocannabinol, the chemical that causes marijuana’s effects. Some may feel that smoking in general is habit forming, so they may want to rely on other sources of THC. For example, thc oils and waxes are forms of medicines that gives off …show more content…
Some may argue that marijuana should be legalized because it saves lives more than it damages them. Others may agree , with the additional statement saying that too much money is being spent on trying to ban marijuana because jail bonds are too expensive. The law of Louisiana states that first time possession up to 60 pounds is a 500$ fine and 6 months jail time with a charge of a misdemeanor. The second offense is 2,500$ serving up to 5 years in prison with the charge of a felony. The very last offense is 5,000$ fine serving to 20 years in prison charged as a felony (Thomson). In 2010, 52% of arrests were for marijuana and there were more whites than blacks (ACLU,American Civil Liberties Union). One-fourth of hispanic adults smoke marijuana, 26% percent of african americans smoke it also. Here we see that the black stereotypes are false when it comes to black arrest for marijuana. Police spent more money on drug busts, which means money wasted for our community. Not only is society a cruel part of the world, there is also cops that are unfair. In some cases, drug charges that were given to a suspect that shouldn’t be. Some people have spent time in jail that they shouldn’t have. Young people of color are arrested, processed and then released, but arrest has consequences that persist after release. There is the humiliation of arrest and, in some cases, detention during processing. The worst part …show more content…
In fact some studies that have shown that young whites use marijuana in equal if not greater numbers. The possession of small quantities of marijuana is either a crime or it’s not but it cannot be criminal behavior for one group of people and socially acceptable behavior for another group of people when the dividing line is race. The hideous part of all of this is that studies show that whites are the greater users of marijuana, not blacks or Hispanics (Ogla). It is black and Hispanic youths who are being arrested and end up with criminal records, destroying many of their already limited opportunities for getting jobs and achieving a better life. This is unacceptable in a society that believes it is devoted to justice and

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