Thomas Szasz Legalizing Marijuana Analysis

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Drug Use
The topic of legalization of marijuana is gaining more attention, so much attention that more states are considering legalizing it. In relation to the topic should marijuana be made available for medical reasons, I think Thomas Szasz would agree that it should be made available and legal in all states because he favors free trade in drugs and doesn’t feel that the drug being addictive or dangerous can’t be supported by facts, while James Q, Wilson may disagree and suggest that the doctor find another way of treatment due to making the drug available or legal in more states may increase the number of addicts. In my opinion, I think marijuana should be made available for medical reasons if it is being used to cure people from illnesses.
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“ He feels that you can put what you want in your body so if the marijuana is being made available to help cure he would encourage those in need to get the marijuana. Many are against making it available, like Wilson due to the number of addicts increasing but Szasz feels it is a fundamental habit of human beings to get used to things and they can become addicted to anything like cigarettes, comic strips, or even sex. If it were up to Szasz it would be legal in all 50 states and not just made available for medical reasons. He doesn’t view marijuana or drug use as harmful or immoral because he doesn’t feel that marijuana being addictive or dangerous can be supported by facts. I would have to agree with Szasz on marijuana being addictive or dangerous not being supported by facts. In this case alone it is being considered to help cure individuals so if it is curing it is definitely not causing any harm. Nor do you see a lot on individuals overdosing on marijuana or acting out under the influence of marijuana. As Szasz mentioned, most of the trouble that is brought about when dealing with marijuana is because someone has been caught and there are now facing legal …show more content…
If it is being used to cure then it should be legalized for medical reasons just like a lot of other medications are. Until there are more facts showing the negative effects of marijuana I don’t think there is anything wrong with making it available for medical reasons. I think that Wilson should take into consideration in this case the drug is the treatment and maybe he would reconsider making it available. I haven’t heard any dangerous side effects that marijuana causes but if it is helping to cure a hard to cure cancer I don’t think it is causing harm to people. The one thing that both writers seem to agree on is the amount of money it is causing with marijuana not being legal because all of the crimes associated with it. Legalizing it would help minimalize

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