Argumentative Essay Drugs: Case For Legalizing Marijuana

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In the argumentative essay “Drugs: Case for Legalizing Marijuana”, Vidal explains how to stop most drug addictions by simply making all drugs available while selling them at government cost. Legalization of marijuana could bring impairment to the people who choose to use it. While driving under the influence, collisions are more prone to happen. However, marijuana in America should be legalized because marijuana will create more job opportunities and money for the state, be used for medical purposes, and legalization will not increase the use of weed in teens.
The first reason why marijuana should be legalized is that it creates jobs and money. Marijuana will create many jobs in the state that has it legalized. In the state of Colorado, legalization
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High school marijuana use in Colorado has decreased from 22% in 2011 to 20% in 2013 and this was data recorded before recreational marijuana was made legal (Borchardt). Now drugs are becoming more available. Since 1975, 81% of teens could get drugs and now in today’s time, 90% of people said they could get marijuana if they wanted. In 2013, 23% of teens were using marijuana and in 1979, 36% of teens used it (Borchardt). So teens can get marijuana easier now. Teens are more likely to do drugs despite the law but if marijuana was legal, the teens don’t feel as if they want to do drugs. After marijuana was legalized, the percent of Colorado teens you used it went down over the years. In 2015, 21 percent of Colorado’s youth used marijuana in the past 30 days (Ingraham). This is lower than the national average. Students view on marijuana is that if they don’t want to use it then they won’t and the people who do want to use it are using it if it is legal or not. Teenagers who do use it use it to make themselves feel like they can fit in or to be cool. The people who aren’t using it don’t care to use it while the ones don’t care and use it to make themselves feel better. In 2009, before legalization in Colorado, 25 percent of teens used marijuana (Ingraham). Marijuana use has decreased since legalization. Teens don’t want marijuana even after it has been legalized. Colorado is lower than the national average for marijuana use and Colorado is one of few states that have marijuana legal. Marijuana has only been available to teens more and more. Nationally, roughly 80% of 12th graders are saying that pot is easy to get (Ingraham). The kids who want to smoke weed are probably already doing it so legalizing it wouldn’t change the use in teens. However, as marijuana becomes legal, marijuana will be super available to anyone. So, this could cause a major issue with teens

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