The Decriminalization Of Marijuana

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What is weed? Is it a stinky demonic green flower that makes people all crazy, the pathway to being a junkie, or can it be another herb that can be used to heal and let people purse a different intoxication other than alcohol? Marijuana has been stigmatized as a drug for losers and burnouts. However, it’s may not be just for those judged as such. For example, the clean cut business person who lives next door may be a closet user. The public can’t come out of the closet and use the drug freely due to the prohibition on cannabis. Marijuana has been made illegal without regard to its medical capabilities and uses. Prohibition on marijuana needs repeal and America’s attitude needs a modern progressive adjustment for the legalization of cannabis. The vote for America’s …show more content…
For example, Colorado has decriminalized the plant for sale to the public for recreational consumption. The laws regarding legalization now are strictly state decriminalization. The federal law is still in effect rendering the plant illegal to possess. Colorado citizens can finally put it in their pipe and smoke it! The first day of 2012 the doors to shops were opened to lengthy lines of patrons willing to be in the cold for long periods of wait time to have their chance to purchase without repercussion (Altman 2012). The overwhelming turnout to buy legally is a baby step for the end of prohibition. The people of Denver are showing that cannabis can be controlled and safely sold like alcohol and tobacco. Colorado’s decriminalization of marijuana will set the bar and create a model for the future states and foreign countries to adapt for their citizens in the pursuit of ending prohibition. Christian Sederberg, a lawyer who helped push the laws through legislation says “The rollout 's gone amazingly well, and we knew it would, we’re on the right side of history” (qtd. Altlman

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