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  • Thermodynamics: How Do Speedometers Work?

    How do speedometers work? A: A speedometer is a gauge that measures the instantaneous speed of a vehicle. Speedometers became standard in all motor vehicles in 1910 Speedometers were created by the Croatian engineer Josip Belušić in 1855 Uses the rotation of the wheels to work When the cars engine turns over the drive shaft spins to turn the wheels The speedometer cable which is powered by the driveshaft also spins A magnet located inside the speed cup (made of aluminum) of the car spins at the…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Self Driving Cars

    are more reliable than a regular car driven by a human. As it will increase the safety in humans and help the economy with the roads and security like cops. In a self driving car there will be more sensors and camera which will improve safety in a vehicle and in a way improve the economy. Which leaves one thing to say self driving cars are more reliable than regular…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Over Drive

    Between opinions freely shared on the Internet and Hollywood, there is no shortage of car misconceptions out there that amaze, confuse, and ultimately cause people to make bad decisions. Here are three of these: Over Drive Gives You a Surge of Speed The phrase "over drive" causes confusion among many people. It sounds like something that ought to give your car an extra burst of speed. When you're passing a car on a highway and it looks like you won't quite make it before the passing lane ends,…

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  • Henry Payne's Political Cartoon Analysis

    In Henry Paynes political cartoon published September 28, 2015 he talks about the Volkswagen Scandal. Volkswagen is a very well known car company here in the US. As of right now, they are not doing so well. They are making some of their cars require diesel and while they were testing them they put special devices in them to make them run at a lower standard while in test mode. They did this because the EPA has made a rule where there can only be a certain percentage of exhaust coming out of the…

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  • Informative Essay On Subaru

    they have different options to choose from, and it was named safest car as well. Don’t take my word for it look at the statistics on it. Do you know the percentage of Subaru’s that are still on the road? Well the answer to that is 95% of Subaru’s vehicles sold in the last 10 years are still…

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  • Dream Car Research Paper

    Many people have a dream car. Whether, it may be the newest car, or the oldest. There could be many benefits to your new car. However, there could be many to your old car as well. Many people want the best car when they think of their dream car, but some people only look at the good things that come with a dream car, and not the good things that go with the car you own. One benefit to the car you own can be the memories. Cars leave a lot of memories for people because it meant a lot to them. For…

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  • Why Are Driverless Cars Wrong

    These driverless cars will cost about ten thousand more dollars than the original car. Driverless cars are not needed in the world at all, people can not be lazy and drive their own car. Driverless cars are really stupid because if there is no driver at the wheel there could be more accidents. There will be more accidents because the car could not react as fast as a person could. Also if the technology just shuts off then the car will stop working and will either injure yourself or others by…

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  • Science Buddies Experiment

    I found the idea for this experiment on Science Buddies and many people have done the same experiment. Each has made different cars that they think will be the fastest or go the longest distance. Others have tested this experiment, but they put a weight such as pennies, marbles, etc. What I am planning to do is make a very lightweight car that can travel a longer distance. The energy that the balloon will force out is called kinetic energy. According to the website The Physics Classroom, kinetic…

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  • Iteration Cycle Lab Report

    We conducted an iteration lab, where we were supposed to do 5 different iterations to our coaster car. But we didn’t have enough time to complete all of the iterations. But we successfully completed 2 of the iterations. For our first iteration we replaced rubber tires to both sets of wheels. We recorded 3 trials and the veer of each trial. This iteration had a good impact on our coaster car because the distance was so high and the veer was average. So we decided to keep this iteration. For our…

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  • Summary Of Driverless Cars Will Change Everything

    In the article, “ Driverless cars will change everything”, Simon Kuper starts his article by mentioning how self driving cars are becoming a reality and may get deployed by 2020. He also explains how self driving cars will change everything around us by listing the advantages and disadvantages. I do agree with Kuper that drive-less cars will change our life. We don't have to worry about gas prices going up, most of the cars will be electric, as a fact pollution will drop. We don't have to…

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