Vehicle Burglary Case Study Examples

This case involves unknown suspects gaining entry to the victim’s driver side front door and stealing unknown items from inside, in violation of PC 459- Vehicle Burglary.
The location is a single family residence, located at 1980 N. Arroyo Boulevard.
• I.D. Tech Padilla #6870 took photos which were later uploaded into VeriPic.
• Unknown loss.
On 03-07-16 at 0857 hours, Officer Saunders #7720 and I responded to 1980 N. Arroyo Boulevard for a vehicle burglary investigation. Upon our arrival we met with Victim Tyron Hampton, who told us the following information in summary: It should be noted that Hampton is currently renovating the above residence.
On 03-07-16 at approximately 1600 hours,
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Hampton will provide the police department with a list of stolen items at a later date and time.
I spoke with Witness Witness Arcadio Mata-Rios, who told me the following information: Rios was reportedly contacted by Hampton in order to assist with unloading supplies for the residence renovation. Rios arrived at the residence and saw the suspect’s vehicle pull out of the driveway, north on Arroyo Drive and out of sight. Rios described the vehicle as a white extended van, NFD. Rios did not see the suspects and could not identify them.
I saw that Hampton parked his vehicle in the backyard facing north. I saw that the suspects left the driver side door open. The suspects left the glove compartment open and scattered miscellaneous paperwork throughout the vehicle’s interior. I also saw that the suspects left a driver side tool compartment open.
ID TECH Padilla responded to our location and took photos. Padilla was unable to retrieve any latent fingerprints due to the vehicle being wet. Hampton was advised to contact the police department once the vehicle was dry to determine if the suspects left any latent

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