Personal Narrative: My Passion For Law

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A friend and his bike served as the catalyst to my discovery that I had a true passion for law. Prior to this incident I knew that I had the potential to be a proficient and successful attorney. My strengths have always laid with literature and writing. I enjoyed and performed well in my classes relating to public policy, government, and political theories. Most importantly, I find it impossible to turn a blind eye when I see someone in hopeless circumstances. However, having the ability to do something is entirely different than having a passion for it. Although ill-fated, I am fortunate that the events following the accident lead me to discovering my passion. My friend is in the process of getting his life together. He opted to forgo college, as he felt that it wasn’t necessary for his career path. As a result, he often has more challenges that he has to overcome than most. This past summer, he became an avid cyclist after purchasing a bike to serve as his primary mode of transportation. One afternoon he unfortunately was involved in a vehicular collision and was unable to stop before hitting the SUV in front of him. Luckily neither he nor the other driver sustained any physical injuries; however, the same could not be said of the bike. The car …show more content…
It offered me the opportunity to exercise and expand my analytical skills. I was able to utilize my interpersonal skills to prepare and instill confidence in the face of adversity. Now more than ever I am determined to attend law school. The University of Washington Law School’s commitment to molding its students to be leaders for the global common good is what I look for in an institution. Learning under a school that teaches its students to place greater importance in the community above oneself is admirable. I was able to positively impact my friends life, I hope UW will allow me the opportunity to do the same for

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