Arsenic In Drinking Water

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Analysis: Public Health Implications
Arsenic in drinking water is a world wide environmental public health threat. Anyone who drinks water contaminated with high amounts of arsenic can be effected by it, but developing countries are the ones who seem to suffer the most from arsenic poisoning. The united states and the World Health Organization (WHO) applied a strict standard for arsenic in drinking water to be at or below 0.01 mg/1 or 10 parts per billion, but unfortunately not all countries have the sources or follow the strict regulations set to protect the public from contaminated drinking water (US Environmental Protection Agency [EPA], 2015). Not only has arsenic effected an extensive amount of communities in the United States but,
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Once arsenic enters the body it is absorbed very quickly by the livers and blood stream and sent back out through the excretion of urine, just because it is absorbed quickly does not mean health affects will start to show up right away. Depending on how much arsenic someone is exposed to and for the how long it could take weeks, months or even years for arsenic signs and symptoms to show up and start affecting ones health (Chung, et al., 2014). Once signs do start to show up one of the first health issue someone notices are dark cutaneous skin lesions on their bodies that grow over time (Naujokas et al., 2013). Arsenic is a very toxic substance and because of its toxicity it is a known carcinogen in skin, lung, bladder, liver and kidneys (Naujokas et al., 2013). The most common cancer that is developed by too much arsenic is lung cancer and is known for high morbidity rates due to exposure (Naujokas et al., 2013). High levels of arsenic exposure also lead to developmental processes issues, which lead to high rates of infant mortality, low birth rates, altered DNA, an early life exposure for increased cancer risks (Naujokas et al., 2013). The human nervous system is also affected by impairing motor function and intellectual function in both children and adults (Naujokas et al., 2013). Another human body system that is affected is the endocrine system. When arsenic is exposed to the endocrine system diabetes could be developed and thyroid hormones can be disrupted (Naujokas et al., 2013). In all, being exposed to little amounts of arsenic over time or even huge amounts at once, one is going to be left with serious health issues, that could result in cancer or even

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