Analysis Of Flint, Michig A River Of Lies

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Flint, Michigan: A River of Lies
We live in a world full of fake. Women pose fake images of themselves when they wear makeup, dye their hair, or wear fake nails. This fakeness can pose as a way to make women feel better about themselves and pose as harmless to everyone around them. However, other forms of fakeness can produce extremely harmful effects on people and led to huge problems. When the government qualifies something as “safe,” the people trust the government. The public can follow blindly into a scheme plotted by the government. The government scheme originally contained positive intentions, however, if the positive intentions become wrongly executed, major problems can occur. In Flint, Michigan, the government introduced toxic water
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The youth of Flint become exposed to large amounts of lead in their water, which led to lead poisoning. Lead poisoning can hurt the body greatly, especially kids. According to Gabriel Filippelli and Mark Laidlaw in an article titled “The Elephant in the Playground” stated when humans ingests lead, the small intestine absorbs the lead and the lead stays in the body, creating a chain of toxicological effects. How much lead that becomes absorbed in the body relies on the age of the human. Children absorb more lead than an adult. Average adults only absorb lower than 5% of the lead they ingest, but children on the other hand, absorb as much as 50% of the lead they ingest. Form the high absorption rate and the fast pace development of a child’s brain and nervous system, children run a high risk for permanent damage to their body from lead poisoning. This permanent damage, introduces neurologic problems like lowered intelligence levels and increased rates of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. (Filippelle, Laidlaw 33). Lowered intelligences rates pose as a specific problem to the city’s children. Childhood learning sets the foundation for the rest of the children’s lives. According to reporter Stephanie Gosk from MSNBC News, “Every kid that has ever drank the water of Flint, Michigan is at risk of lead poisoning.” Gosk also conducted an interview with a preschool director Jennifer Rivera at one of the local Flint schools. Rivera expressed that she watches her preschool kids closely for signs of lead poisoning. She notices “speech, articulation, and I have noticed behaviors of anger.” Speech and articulation issues demonstrate the low intelligence caused by lead and anger issues in children come as another side effect of lead in the children. In an article by Max Ehrenfreund titled “We’ve had a massive decline in gun violence in the United States. Here’s why” states that lead can affect humans by making them

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