Principles And Values That Underpins Working With Children Essay

Register to read the introduction… The CACHE values are important as they represent the professional way of how professionals and practitioner should work with children, young people and their families. A CACHE value that underpins working with children is, ‘Honour the confidentiality of information relating to the child and their family, unless its disclosure is required by law or is in the best interest of the child.’

It is by law that the practitioner and professionals follow and sign the Data Protection Act 1998. This is to ensure the protection of personal information and the information stored on a person must not be given out without that person saying so. Also, nor should it be kept for longer than necessary. Whatever is said within a setting stays in a setting in doing so, practitioners must be aware of the information you give out too. For example all documents are kept under lock and key in the staff office and only looked at on a “need to know” basis for example in a case where a child is at risk of
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Member of a team
Practitioners must work as a member of a team. Practitioners who work well together make it happy, organised and easy going. Where team members work together well it is important to ensure that the individuality of children’s needs is being met. Practitioners know the procedure and routines that are to be done within the setting for example, if a staff member is ill or just feeling very poorly, other staff can easily fill in or cover for her knowing the procedures to be taken place.

As a practitioner being an effective member of a team is important to make it easy going, share knowledge and information but not only that, but to show and set an example to children of working as a team and making a positive contribution to your setting as good role models.

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Also if the bump is serious the child must be taken to casualty immediately by a designated staff member.

Also, to ensure equal opportunity in my setting and at my placement, a practitioner should not treat children like they are all the same. They should treat children as a “unique child” and individuals. Therefore the setting will support children regardless of their background ability or culture and celebrate Diversity in displays in activities for example if there is a language barrier an interpreter would be needed for the child to translate no child should be disadvantaged because of their language.

Conforming to

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