Why Is Language Dying Out

Languages are going extinct. According to the Huffington Post language is dying out faster than any other language. At a rate of one tongue every two weeks. That is faster than animal species are dying out (Underwood). People might say that is good that the smaller languages are dying out because no really spoke them anyway. The thing is that, it is really not good. Language gives us insight into the minds of the people who spoke it and tells us more about the past. As language gets more unified, people will get more unified. When people get more unified thoughts and ideas become unified. Being unified came be a good thing, but not when it takes away from creativity. That is why we need to preserve languages.
The origin of language is still
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Like we primitive humans saw a wolf they might have gotten down on hands and knees and howled to try and communicate that there is a wolf nearby. There is an issue with this theory though. People today don’t go down on all fours and howl to say there is a wolf. In fact, onomatopoeia is a very small part of language today (Vajda ).
Language has an impact on the way that we see the world. For example, there is a place in Australia called Pormpuraaw, and in this culture direction plays a big role. When speaking the Pormpuraawan people use absolute direction to when speaking. In the language to say hello you say “Where are you going” and the response to that would have to be something like this “Not too far East.” In this language if you couldn’t tell what direction you are going then you couldn’t even say “Hello”
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The French found it in Egypt in 1799 when they had control over Egypt. When the British defeated the French in 1802, Britain gained control over the Rosetta Stone. At the time Britain knew how to speak the language of ancient Greece (The Discovery and the Importance of the Rosetta Stone). Using that information, they were able to figure out what they rest of the stone meant. Since the stone said essentially the same thing in three different languages, Britain translated the hieroglyphics into Greek. They did the same process for the Demoic. The Rosetta Stone unlocked those two languages for us. Without it we would never know as much as we do about those two cultures.
Language is the thing that makes humans unique. Without it we would never have become what we are today. Language allows us to transcend time and gives us a view into the past. It also allows us to think and act the way we do. Most importantly it gave us the creativity to figure out the world and how it works. These are the reasons that we need to save language. The more languages we have the more we

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