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  • Technical Jargon Research Paper

    The Merriam-Webster dictionary define Jargon as the language used for a particular activity or by particular group of people. Is people really making the language evolve or is just laziness. Common sense tell us, why use a long complicated word when a short one can deliver the same message. When you explain everything clearly, people will get it. (Berkun, 2012) Because when you start using big words or jargon, most of us get confuse. The use of jargon sometime is use to confuse, distract or intimidate people. What about if I tell you that I believe, all on my own, will transform this, or revolutionize that. Exactly! Jargon define as the language used for a particular activity or by particular group of people. It is use every day…

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  • Examples Of Sexism And Racist Language

    simple thing is childlike happiness. ("be like a kid in a candy store", 2016) Jargon is a job-specific language used by individuals in a specified profession. Jargon doesn 't automatically mean formal instruction, but instead targets the language individuals in a profession use to communicate with each other. Engineering, research, and development, or promotion, or members of the promotion section have sets. Jargon exists in just about every profession, independent of how much formal schooling…

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  • Slang Trends

    One of the most fascinating aspects of human language is the development of slang: expressions that people take from standard English (or whatever native language) and completely change the meaning of to signify something completely different! These words and phrases are essentially inevitable to encounter when living in a dynamic social society; it’s easy to assume that the vast majority of Americans have heard such words as “cool” when referring to something as interesting, or the phrase…

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  • She's Your Basic LOL In NAD Analysis

    In Perri Klass's "She's Your Basic LOL in NAD” she explains how difficult it is for someone to learn the professional jargon of the medical world. While the jargon may be difficult to comprehend at first it is a beneficial tactic to use. She goes on to explain that she learned to love the so called “language” and it became very easy to use once learned. Professional jargon is beneficial because it allows the nurse or doctor to write notes quickly, it allows a rather effective way for medical…

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  • She's Your Basic L. Ol Language Analysis

    Aspects of Language for She’s Your Basic L.O.L. in N.A.D. The essay She’s Your Basic L.O.L. in N.A.D. takes an unfamiliar language to most, such as abbreviations that doctors and medical students use and explain what they mean to common people. A prime example used in this essay is L.O.L. in N.A.D. (Little Old Lady in No Apparent Distress) while Klass is told that Mrs. Tolstoy is unlikely to have had a heart attack. Most common people would not know what a basic L.O.L. in N.A.D. is but Klass…

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  • Uber Business Case Study

    the rise of the dot-com boom in 1994/1995, “Industry jargon included talk of new business models that promised improved value propositions certain to draw customers in the firm and away from traditional competitors already in the marketplace” (Senn). This kind of startup culture that revolves around the potential of technology has shaped the way we think about people. Perceptions can shift in different environments, and the startup environment (which is most prominent in the Silicon Valley)…

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  • Cultural Barriers In The Workplace

    cannot adopt an atmosphere of cultural synergy, allowing each individual to remain true to their own culture and be respected for that choice, then dysfunctional conflict will invade the organization, provoking barriers to all communication (Martin, 2014). Language Barriers Jargon. There are obvious communication barriers that exist within a team or organization that employ a diverse culture, such as the challenge of a “linguistically diverse” group of individuals (Hills, 2013). However, even…

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  • Health Care Communication

    Healthcare practitioners must train themselves in communication skills like active listening, using appropriate language and non-verbal communication so that effective communication can be achieved easily. Besides, they should also try their best to overcome the communication barriers such as the use of jargons, language differences and cultural differences in order to provide a better quality of healthcare services to…

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  • Concepts Of Chicago Fire And Chicago PD

    understand some key concepts. Every day we use different concepts from impressions of others to attractiveness to one another. A few that stood out to me from over this semester so far are first impression, jargon, and stereotypes. These concepts can all be used in different television shows or movies. The shows I think that best portrays these different concepts are Chicago Fire and Chicago PD. Seeing concepts used on different movies or television shows gives us a true understand of how we…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Six Provocations For Big Data

    effort to persuade the audience succeed in a variety of areas; however, there are specific areas that do fail to fulfill the presentation’s intended purpose. The use of jargon words, appeals, and style are common elements found throughout the presentation. An element of writing that is apparent throughout is their use of technical jargon. While the argument itself is effective, it becomes blurred and undefined especially when the use of technical terms is being practiced. For example, when…

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