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  • Cross Cultural History

    What does Bentley mean by cross-cultural history? Cross cultural history is the history of the interactions which different cultures have one each other. These interactions can be on an economic basis in the form trade as they exchange goods. There are cultural exchanges as different societies come in contact with one another. This contact can result in traditions, beliefs etc being carried to areas not originally from as the influence of the society spreads with he people. This is how many…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Water Exports

    Geo Pod III CONS Good morning Madame speaker. Today I will be discussing the topic of why Canada should not sell water in bulk exports to other countries. The four points I will be discussing today will consist of: environmental consequences, economic instability, the free trade agreement, and water’s renewability. Water exports are a recurring, ever-controversial theme in Canada. Canadian public opinion has always reacted negatively to the idea of selling our most precious natural resource to…

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  • Navina Exports Case Study

    Navina Navina Exports was established in 1989 when I came back from the USA after my graduation. My father was running Navina Industries which is the bigger company. I and my brother took the challenge to start a new company for knitwear. We started very small in terms of capital and company size with only thirty stitching machines. From such humble beginnings we have grown every year and today we are grossing hundred and twenty million dollars of export. It has been not been an easy task. In…

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  • The Effect Of Oil Exports In Venezuela

    who depends entirely on their oil exports, therefore, it can be “profoundly affected by the impact of plummeting prices.” (Ortiz) The effect of these crisis can be felt by the Venezuelan students in the U.S. Ortiz states that “in the fall 2015 some 300,000 students were shut out of their universities, and many who were hoping to study abroad could not.” From the chart it can be seen that Venezuela sends around 7,890 students to the U.S. even though it’s export from the oil revenue is 97.7%. Why…

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  • Export Distribution Case Study

    Distribution System – Export pricing is substantially determined by the channels of distribution chose by the exporters (Cavusgil 1988, Mühlbacher et al 1999). Their finding is consistent with that of Stöttinger (2001) that the decision to standardize or adapt the port pricing strategy depends on the channels of distribution selected by the exporters. Sousa and Bradley (2009) find that the degree of price adaptation is considerably influenced by the level of similarity in the distribution…

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  • Sugar Agro Export Model Case Study

    3. Exhaustion of the sugar agro-export model The sugar industry was for many years the key player of the national economy, where most of the investment and credit were concentrated and where most foreign exchange and tax revenues were generated. If production and sugar prices raised much, there were enough foreign exchange to import consumer goods for the population and inputs and techniques for businesses. In turn, the bank recovered loans and the government raised its revenue. In other words,…

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  • The Unsustainability Of Export-Led Economy In China Case Study

    The Unsustainability of Export-Led Economy In the past decades, China’s exports have increased twice as fast as the world trade, making China the largest exporter worldwide. After examining the contribution of exports to growth since the early 2000’s, Akyüz (2011) points out that approximately one-third of Chinese growth before the global financial crisis of 2007 was a result of exports. With a sharp drop in its exports after the financial crisis, Akyüz doubts whether or not China can return…

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  • Penalize Companies That Export Jobs By Michael Riordan

    Imagine going to work just like any other day and finding out that you will soon be without a job. This is the reality that many Americans are waking up to every day. In the article, Penalize Companies that Export Jobs, author Michael Riordan explores this issue. Mr. Riordan is an MIT educated physicist and a former employee of the corporation that is highlighted in the article. The article outlines the plans of Carrier Corporation, to move its production facility from Indianapolis Indiana to…

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  • Peru's Agricultural Export Opportunities In Singapore Case Analysis

    Peru’s Agricultural Export Opportunities in the US Market Singapore Introduction Singapore, also referred to as the Republic of Singapore is one of the top-ranked island countries in Southeast Asia. The main territory of Singapore includes a main island that is diamond-shaped as well as over 60 smaller islets (Singapore, 2010). Singapore is an agile and high potential location for financial hubs, global commerce, and transportation hubs. According to the World Bank, Singapore is considered as…

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  • Us V. Curtiss-Wright Export Corporation Case Summary

    4. What did the Supreme Court say about the powers of the President to act in the national interest in the cases of United States v. Curtiss-Wright Export Corp. and Youngstown Sheet and Tube Co. v. Sawyer? The U.S Constitution gives the executive branch and its head, the President, many enumerated powers to carry out the functions of governance. Those functions include the execution and enforcement of law, war powers, the power of veto, and the ability to act as a representative of the United…

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