The Impact Of International Trade On The United States

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International trade and the impact it has on the United States is seemingly always argued about. Politicians, corporations, and people in general all try to argue whether trade has a positive or negative impact on the United States. However, as the 5th principle of economics states, trade can make everyone better off, including the U.S. In trade there will always be winners and losers but this doesn’t mean that at times it helps and at other times it hurts the U.S. People rarely notice the winning side and focus more on the losing side, which is why it may seem that the U.S. is negatively impacted. Although, the reality is something completely different.
The U.S. is actually the 2nd largest exporter economy. In 2015, the United States biggest
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Differently from the situation with exports, consumers are the winners and the produces are the losers. The United States in this situation does not have the comparative advantage and previously had a higher world price. As a result of once having a higher world price, suppliers had to lower their prices. This decline negatively affected the producers as they lost their consumers because people were able to import the same product at a cheaper price. The consumers on the other hand, were affected positively as they were able to buy these goods at a lower price than before. In this situation although corporations would like you to believe otherwise, trade is still advantageous for the U.S. because the gains of the winner still exceed that of the losers. This is rarely felt though as usually the gains are spread more thinly. Corporations being the losers in this situation may lobby to have people believe this situation is a negative one but it is not.
International trade no matter if it is exporting or importing is supposed to be beneficial for everyone even if there are winners and losers. However, government intervention can affect the results. These things at this moment are quiet important when talking about trade because the 2016 presidential nominees and their stance on trade can change future international trade for the
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He believes countries like Mexico and China have “cheated” the U.S. Trump as a way to stop other countries from abusing the U.S. plans on implementing massive tariffs on things the United Sates imports from other countries, like vehicles. Trump states that he would call the president of Ford and tell him that “every car and every truck and every part manufactured [in Mexico]… [is] going to charge[d] a 35-percent tax”. He explains his reasoning for tariffs like this one by stating that it is to defend American jobs. However, tariffs will actually negatively affect the economic well-being of the United States. A tariff like the one spoken of will only help domestic producers as they will now be willing to increase production as the tariff makes it profitable even if the world price does not. The government also wins as they now can gain money they previously weren’t able to. On the other hand, consumers lose out as they must now pay more money. Meaning tariffs aren’t a good thing and instead affect the economic well-being of the country. His reasoning for a tariff in order to stop unemployment is also flawed because unemployment does not rise when imports

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