Essay about Sustainable Development And Environmental Protection

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Sustainable development refers not only to meeting the needs of modern society but also to not compromising the opportunities of future generation to meet and sustain development needs. It can be summarized as the improvement of economic, ecological, and social factors. Sustainable development and environmental protection work hand in hand but are not the same. Environmental protection is an important aspect of sustainable development as it plays a major role in protecting the finite resources that are available to humanity. The core idea of sustainable development is growth; the ability to continue to grow without destroying or squandering the resources available. It is the delicate balance between progress and preservation as the idea is to improve the quality of life, allow the population to increase, as well as protect the environment.
There are three factors that make governments strive to achieve a sustainable environment for the whole of the society and they are: environmental and ecological factors, social factors, and economic factors.
Firstly, environmental and ecological factors which is essentially the minimization of damage to the environment. This principle is one recognized by many of those in power however due to the limitations of human/scientific knowledge, a number of issues still remain. One such example is the nuclear power plants as they intend to lessen greenhouse gas emissions but seem to lack concern for the long-term radioactive waste that is…

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