Bussiness, Ethics, And The Environment By Jospher R. Desjardins

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Throughout human civilization, Earth has to face dramatic changes on its surface after the growth of technology, population growth, and climate change. The increasing people and the growing business are affecting the earth's biosphere and threatening the people's health. If we didn't start protecting our planet's atmosphere, surface, and ecosystem, and then our future generation: children, grandchildren are in jeopardy. This book " Bussiness, Ethics, and the Environment' is written by Jospher R. Desjardins. From this book, I am picking chapter two "The Biosphere: facts and Values" and talk about how does change does change in the business affects the earth's biosphere and the people's health.

The change in the environmental pragmatism can
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A life without beauty cannot describe without nature because the elements of the biosphere have historical, cultural, and symbolic values. Therefore, the author believes that it is right to protect wilderness areas, opens, biodiversity, forests, lakes, and ecosystems. Someones, different culture has a different belief in nature and ecosystem, but if the economic growth can destroy their cultural values of many people, and then it is unethical. A quote from the book, "The bald eagle in American, the Ganges River in India, Serengeti Plain in Africa all have significant cultural meaning for many people. Treating them merely as resources to be used for economic growth would destroy something of immense value." Sometimes, the earth's biosphere needs the intrinsic respect because people from different countries share different spiritual and religious to …show more content…
The population of people is growing every year, but too few people are getting good food and too many people getting worse food. The change in the agriculture: increased use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, increased irrigation, and genetic modification of crops. It also causes in the ecological and environment. A quote from the book, "over 250 million people are directly affected by decortication and one thousand million or one billion people in over one hundred countries are at risk. These people include many of the world's poorest, many marginalizations, and politically weak citizens." The increasing demand of production all over the world's population cause the earth's biosphere problematic.

The end of chapter two "The Biosphere: facts and values" the author said, "I believe that the concept of sustainability can provide a rationally defensible and practice guides for future business policy. Sustainability acknowledges the diversity of human values, and the thus willing to make compromises. Sustainable development treats the biosphere as a home of resources to be used. A sustainable future recognizes those values that make life worth living. A life without beauty, open space, biological diversity, and wild nature is not worth

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