Case Study Of Sustainability At Royal Roads University

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At Royal Roads University environmental sustainability is a major focus, this will be an overview of recommendations to increase recycling at RRU and the rationale used behind it. There will be three solutions presented to the office of sustainability to reach their waste diversion rate, by recommending that attention on addressing the issue of clarifying what goes where at recycling stations.

The office of sustainability at Royal Roads University main goal is to increase its’s waste diversion rate from 69% to 80%. Currently having a silver star ranking and wanting to attain platinum as stated in their sustainability plan for 2015-2020. To reach this target, we would introduce an educational platform to RRU which would include a quiz, short
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This would promote good habits and would enable the student body to engage with one another getting more people involved while also helping raise awareness of the importance of recycling. Studies have shown that bad habits are hard to break, it also show’s that if people are educated and know what they are doing they are more likely to do it correctly. For example, if we are able to teach proper recycling by showing and educating people about what goes where they would most likely comply and do it right in the future. In return, this would increase the waste diversion rate immediately at no extra cost and be highly …show more content…
It is at no cost and a very effective way to reach a broad audience given the fact there are over 794 million active users on Facebook alone with 50% logging in on any given day. This option is great and considered a social marketing tool as you could tie into the other two alternatives and help increase awareness overall. Social media is a platform that is growing at an exponential rate and used as an effective tool if done correctly, the sustainability office can increase it focus by posting on these platforms. This enables the message to reach far and wide audience and community. Giving the ability to update regularly and instantly on subject’s important to the university such as environmental impacts or new goals and issues. This could range from monthly electronic newsletters to daily/weekly posts on twitter and Facebook outlining updates on recycling and environmental sustainability.

The final alternative would be an educational introduction to recycling at RRU through the online Moodle platform and include a short presentation, this would include an online quiz which would be mandatory along with a presentation during student orientation. We looked into what other campuses across the country were doing and had found this particular action plan had worked successfully and that has been integrated into other Canadian University’s such as UBC,

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