Essay On Russian Power

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Russia Emerges Once a strong world power, Russia is beginning to re- emerge as a political and economical power. The beginning of Russia’s re-emergence began in the early 90s after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Russia has taken many necessary measures to regain the power they once attained.

1. What are the Eastern Partnership initiative and the Eurasian Economic Union? Why are they contentious?

The Eastern Partnership initiative gives the Eastern European countries access to the Western European countries large market if they promised to take the necessary action to make their countries more democratic, more efficient, as well as less corrupt. However, the EU did not allow the countries membership, it wasn’t totally out of the question (Paragraph 5. Lines 3-5). On the other hand, the Eurasian Economic Union is a Russian-sponsored free trade and economic coalition(paragraph 9 lines 7-8). It is very similar to the EU however, communist would rather Moldova join this organization (paragraph 9 lines 6-7). They are contentious because in 2004 as well as in 2007, 10 former Central an East European communist nations joined the EU (paragraph 7 lines 1-2).

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According to the article, the backlash that Russia has received from the Ukraine has worsened Russias ties with other European countries (paragraph 100 line 1). President Van Rompuy explains that the European integration offers to Ukraine, Georgia, or Moldova were fully compatible with Russia’s interests (paragraph 100 lines 5-7). However according to Judy Dempsey, who is a scholar at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Putin is desperate to hold on to the Ukraine because he knows that if the Ukraine goes over to the EU, the defensive wall against the EU’s democratic influence will crumble (paragraph 102 lines

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