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  • Creativity And Performance Essay

    ‘Spazio Perfornate’ ,Darren Carr, worked in close collaboration with the Tate Gallery to create a theme based and site specific work a dance piece performed at Tate Liverpool Gallery. The stimuli of this piece was a canvas picture by Lucio Fontana called ‘Spacial Concept’ 1945-1950, Darren’s aim was to create a dance piece that brought the picture and the ideas behind the picture to life. Through the creative process of this piece there were many issues. The first issue that occurred came before the company and Darren as director started to choreograph the piece as there was no jumping allowed in the gallery space the dance was to be performed in. This then narrowed the movement material that was available to use within the dance. Darren had to then work out how he would work around this problem whilst still creating height in the piece. Darren worked with the idea that the dancers were indenting in the space horizontally as aposed to vertically due the restrictions on jumping. Jessica Whittaker one of the dancers in this piece said “When we performed the dance we were thinking of ourselves as being the puncture holes, immersing our bodies in the space created by the puncture.” This was all due to the development of the dance due to jumping restriction. As the company started developing movement material and working across the space they encountered a second issue, this was space. Due to the size of the Tate Liverpool the company only had a small area in which they could…

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  • The Case Of Lionel Tate

    Lionel Tate was just 13 years old when he was convicted of the murder of 6 year old Tiffany Eunick on in 1999. He is the youngest American citizen to be convicted of first degree murder and sentenced life in prison without possibility of parole in January 2001. Possible reasons of his delinquency may be his fascination with wrestling and him imitating the moves and hits he sees when he watches it. On the day of the murder Lionel Tate decided to practice some of the wrestling moves he had seen…

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  • Sheriff Tate Case Study

    concerning Boo. The Bible says not to lie but sometimes I believe it is necessary. Like the story of Rahab in the Bible, she lied that there were two Israelite spies in her house to protect them from being killed and by doing this when the city was destroyed God spared her and her family’s lives. I’m not saying it is ok to lie in all situations but I believe if it could save some one pain or even their life I would. In this certain situation Sheriff Tate was protecting Boo from having to go to…

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  • Who Was Responsible For Charles Manson's Crimes?

    about the crimes he committed? “Charles Manson is an American cult leader whose followers carried out several notorious murders in the late 1960s”(bio). He became the most infamous figures in criminal history. He committed many crimes. He was arrested and had a trial. Was he convicted or not, did he pay for his crimes? How did he become the most infamous figure in criminal history? Three of his main crimes were the Hinman murder, the Tate murder, and LaBianca murder. The Hinman murder was only…

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  • Charles Manson Thesis Statement

    I reviewed old newspaper articles and video news reports from days after the murders and the court proceedings. I found direct-source newspapers and sites with multiple articles about the Manson Family, their killings and court trial. I was even able to find raw, unedited NBC-TV footage from August 9, 1969, recorded just hours after the five bodies were found at the Tate house. Thesis Statement: Charles Manson and his family receive media coverage during and many years after the murders.…

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  • Margaret Tate Character Analysis

    “It is not the most lovable individuals who stand more in need of love writes Ashley Montagu but the most unlovable.”Most people, however, would not share Montagu’s opinion. The movie tells a story of, Margret Tate, one of New York’s top shot book editor’s weekend trip to Alaska. In the movie, The proposal, Margaret Tate learns to love. Right from the start Margaret is depicted as a very successful chef editor at New York book publisher. But aside from her career, Margret appears to be a person…

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  • Heck Tate Character Analysis

    In the novel “To Kill a Mockingbird”, Sheriff Heck Tate is being used by Harper Lee as a proxy demonstrating the changing attitudes of Maycomb towards its disadvantaged members. Sheriff Heck Tate would have been elected into his position, which shows that he is aligned with their values. During the trial against Tom Robinson, many of the community members openly express their hate for Tom. Before the trial, they even go as far as trying to lynch Atticus, just for trying to defend him. Heck…

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  • John Wayne Gacy: Characteristics And Characters Of A Serial Killer

    (Sever, Brion). On August 9th 1969, Manson rallied up his four most loyal people to go to 10050 Cielo Drive in Los Angeles and kill the people inside. Manson believed that Terry Melcher still lived there, and wanted him and his family killed because Melcher never helped Manson with his career in music. However, Melcher didn’t live there anymore, instead actress Sharon Tate, her husband and director Roman Polanski occupied the home. That night the four loyal members went to that address and…

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  • Tate Taylor The Help Analysis

    The Help, released in 2011 and directed by Tate Taylor is a film which follows the story of a southern author Skeeter as she writes a book detailing the life of African American women, as they work as maids. The film is constructed to represents the perspective that African American women are being treated with inequality and discrimination while working as maids for white households. This perspective is constructed through the construction of setting, as the film is set in Jackson Mississippi…

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  • The Evolution Of Calpurnia Tate Analysis

    In Jacqueline Kelly’s book The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate, the author quotes Charles Darwin’s The Origin of Species at the beginning of each chapter. The quote above is from Chapter 14, “The Short Hoe.” In choosing this quote Kelly references Darwin’s pragmatic view of nature, in which animals or creatures likely do not care about what they look like, except to the extent that their form serves function or purpose. For example,, animals may look like their surroundings so that they are hard…

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