Charles Manson Thesis Statement

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Helter Skelter
During the 1960s one of the most deranged American criminals of all time, Charles Manson, created a cult in the desert of California known as the Mason Family. Manson brainwashed his followers to believe Beatles songs like Helter Skelter warned of a coming race war between black and whites. Manson wanted to jump start the race war by sending his followers out to kill wealthy white people in the Hollywood area. Manson wanted the murders to look like blacks killed the white victims. During the summer of 1969 there was a bloody five week period where the Manson Family slaughtered nine innocent people.
It all started on August 8, 1969 when Manson ordered a small group of his followers to brutally kill five people at the Hollywood
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I reviewed old newspaper articles and video news reports from days after the murders and the court proceedings. I found direct-source newspapers and sites with multiple articles about the Manson Family, their killings and court trial. I was even able to find raw, unedited NBC-TV footage from August 9, 1969, recorded just hours after the five bodies were found at the Tate house.
Thesis Statement: Charles Manson and his family receive media coverage during and many years after the murders. Manson’s motive was to create a media special and gain mass attention from the public.
The mainstream media celebritized Manson and his accomplices. This is normal practice, as many Americans are obsessed with violence and serial killers. The public was so interested in Manson because the media pushed the idea that he was a charismatic yet demonic leader that somehow convinced his young following to kill. While reading the articles I repeatedly saw "Manson and his
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The disturbing activities of the Manson Family created a huge media sensation. Because of the constant media coverage, Manson has attained celebrity status. The reporting did not stop after the Manson Family was caught and sentenced. To this day the media keeps up on them. The fact that a convicted a man who organized multiple brutal killings could become a counter culture hero seems bizarre to me, but for some people, Charles Manson is something of a celebrity and Icon. Today there are many websites, Facebook pages, music albums, and event museums dedicated to Manson. This is one of many examples where the news media finds out everything they can about the killers’ lives both before and after the crimes, but often times the victims can be almost

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