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Discuss and analyse the relevant issues related to creativity and performance in theme based work, making references to the devising process and finished work. Your discussion and analysis should be informed by performance and choreographic theories, as well personal engagement.

This essay will look specifically at creativity, performance and the relating issues from the director and performer/dancers point of view. I will discuss the issues in relation to two theme based works; work one ‘Spazio Perfornate’ and work two Intensive week Piece.

Creativity cannot be defined by one definition, creativity covers a range of different areas. Peter. J . Arnold wrote ‘The traditional meaning of Creativity is that it is an inexplicable form of ‘divine inspiration’.’ However he then explains that more recently creativity is now see as the ability to think in an open, divergent and unconventional way. Most believe now believe creativity is the thinking process that occurs when making and producing new things.

There is a huge debate when it comes to defining performance, Aristotle (350.B.C.) was one of the first to try and define performance stating every performance is to include a plot, a thought, spectacle,
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When running the piece Fran noticed that many of the dancers began holding their breath. It is important to remember the breathe went dancing as when you breath more oxygen is being sent to your muscles, therefore more energy is being released and the dancers should be able to perform the movements to a higher level than they would if they were to hold their breath. The more the dancer breathes the higher they would be able get when jumping, the jump will also be of a better technique, quality and with better performance values especially co-ordination. To improve this Fran sent the dancers away to mark through the piece and selecting moments when they were to add

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